Utah Conservatism is supposedly one of the most conservative states of the United States of America. Recent times have witnessed a little modernization but that has been very limited compared to other parts of the country. The state has projected orthodox ideologies since forever and is reluctant to change its course of thought process with the fast-moving world.

Utah’s conservatism model is very functional in its parameters. The state has opened arms for immigrants; who are bringing investment along with them- making it one of the rapidly growing states of America in terms of population and work output.

Mormon Church Ideology

Most of Utah’s population follows the Mormon lineage of the church- almost 60%. The church is said to be the most pessimist compared to the other churches of Christianity thus making it more difficult for the evangelicals to budge in and bridge the gap between conservatives and liberals.

Mormons are a fast-growing minority that was founded in 1830 in upstate New York by a visionary disciple of Christianity; Joseph Smith. Ironically, this new religion is one of the fast-growing and richest in the world at the moment. It claims to have more than 17 million members across the globe.

It is one of the tightest and most enlightened hierarchies of America. Mormon church is very conservative but adaptable to newer things yet it has denied recognizing gay marriages or LGBTQ rights.

Donald Trump never found support in this region because of liberals being unwelcomed in the region. More than half of the population voted for Joe Biden in the general elections of 2020.

Utah’s governor; 45 years old Cox has been handling the political matters very wisely even when the situation has become tough after the advent of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Republican legislature of Utah demanded an early end to mandatory masks in public, with an exception of business premises and schools; Cox in response vetoed the first bill which was sponsored by his close relative.

Cox is equally popular among the republicans and democrats. This has been the case for a very long now; as history shows the previous governors being popular among both parties. Thanks to the majority of the Mormon population; the adaptation to liberalism has been observed but at a snail pace.

Conservatism and politics go hand in hand in Utah. It is impossible to separate the two and to be honest, the resulting functionality model is very impressive. It has created a polarized environment in the political hubs as well as among the mass population making it a win-win situation for everybody.

Mormonism is the latest version of what authentic American religion used to be. Consideration towards the weaker and working together to make the country great again were the principles in old times. Now they are only echoed in anthems and patriotic songs. These principles can be witnessed in Utah; thanks to the very conservative Mormon religion.

The conservatism of Utah defines how to look at the broader picture with an optimistic approach. Utah’s public supports the vision of Joe Biden; putting their faith in the Biden administration to make America great once again.