Harry and Meghan’s much-anticipated interview with Oprah Winfrey was telecast on CBS, and as expected it received accolades and criticism in equal measure. The bombshell interview has created waves across the globe and it will be the talk of the town for days to come after ‘stunning revelations’ made by the former royal family members.

The royal experts claimed that the interview was as disrespectful as it is to burn the flag of the United States. The revelations made by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were absolutely not needed and were full of bitterness. Robert Jobson, a royal contributor, voiced these remarks after watching the interview.

The two-hour-long interview on primetime television was full of allegations against the royals. From the discussion about the skin tone of their son Archie to be the first mixed-race individual of the royal family, the couple faced harsh criticism on almost everything which even led Meghan to have suicidal thoughts.

Markle claimed that she was denied any help for her mental health as it was deemed to bring bad light on the royal family. According to her, they never chose to stay silent when they were part of the family, but they were silenced.

Harry claimed that he was cut off financially from his family and his son was going to be denied a title and security protection. Archie being the first mixed-race child born in the royal family will not enjoy all the advantages that his cousins will.

Meghan claimed that the perception of royals is so different than reality. She had moved from the U.S. to join the royal family, but she felt suffocated there. The reality and the perception of the royals are totally misaligned according to her.

According to the royal contributors, there has not been any direct response from the royal family, but there should be one soon, as the allegations of suicidal thoughts and race discrimination are very serious and need to be cleared. All these allegations were very damaging to the royal family, especially the Crown, and they need to be sorted out.