Ever wondered what’s stopping you from taking that excursion to the Bahamas? Keeping the Covid-19 restrictions aside, there is nothing that should become a hindrance in your way to finding solace amongst the islands. Unless, of course, you think that a vacation may cost you an entire quarter’s salary.

If that’s the case, you’d be surprised to learn that vacations can even be well-executed on a planned budget. Thus, if you’re looking to catch a break from your mundane routine, try browsing for places you can visit in your budget. To make things easier, we have compiled a list of the best vacations under $1000.

Peruse through our list of ideal vacation spots and choose your favorite place to relax and reclaim after a hectic week.


Out of all the European cities, you could think of, Lisbon is the least popular out of all. But those who have been to the city of magic can testify for its sheer beauty and charm. From the mauve-colored buildings to the contemporary restaurants, the place is a sight to behold. Unlike Paris and Rome, Lisbon can leave you spellbound and that too on a tight budget.

Falling in the list of best vacations under $1000, you are allowed to explore some of the most breathtaking areas of Lisbon. If you are a lover of nature or a history enthusiast, this place is meant for you. Be it the Queluz National Palace or the Parque Eduardo VII, the city will leave you enchanted.

If this rocks your boat, book a flight to Lisbon for your next trip out of the city. After all, what can be better than immersing yourself in the beauty of the city at a low cost?

The Grand Canyon

An iconic natural wonder of the world, the Grand Canyon is a hot favorite for several people across the globe. With a striking landscape and scenic drive, the place is a must-visit for nature lovers. Measuring approximately 280 river miles in length and 20 miles in-depth, this natural wonder leaves people in awe of its alluring beauty.

For those of you who always seek an adventure, the Grand Canyon can offer you a plethora of opportunities to bring out the daring soul in you. An additional benefit comes with the price- you can explore the mountainous regions and keep your wallet happy. What an ideal combination!

Thus, if you want to escape the wrath of the city and venture out into the area, the Grand Canyon Railway Hotel can be the perfect place of residence. Comfortable and easy on the pocket, the hotel will be an appropriate choice for staying.

Outer Banks

With a resplendent history of anecdotes and adventures, the island is home to several travelers throughout the year. If you want to take in a real adventure, a visit to the Outer Banks should be on the top of your list.

The best part about planning a visit to the Outer banks is that it is a vacation under $1000. By allocating a small portion of your income to your trip, you can experience unparalleled fun, exciting activities, and a whole lot more.

Whether you fall under the title of a history buff or a nature lover, this place has something for everyone. However, it’s most known for its islands and the waters where you can indulge in activities varying from normal snorkeling to deep scuba diving.

Hence, if you’re looking to take a vacation and are short on cash, the Outer Banks can be a great option. Just remember that the exotic island isn’t what a traditional vacation would look like- it is everything and more. Thus, get away from the ruckus in the city and immerse yourself in the beautiful Outer Bank beaches, everyone, and be carried away by the charms of Jennette’s Pier.

San Diego

Although San Diego doesn’t hold much charm for its residents, travelers can have a gala time in the city. Reasonably priced and convenient, the city offers a variety of different destinations for people searching for a vacation.

Despite holding several different tourist attractions together, San Diego is ideal for those who love the waves. That’s right, the city is dominated by beaches and those who love surfing the waters can live to their fullest.

From the balmy weather to the historic artifacts, you can consider the city as a fairly reasonable option for taking a break during the year. Apart from the unique sights and the glorious beaches, San Diego also provides a blend of different cuisines. Be it fresh seafood or delectable Italian pizza, the city has it all.

Still, wondering what the best part is? One of the best vacations under $1000. Taking a trip to the city will not cost you an arm and a leg. You can take in the beauty, culture, and cuisine of the city without tearing your wallet apart. What a dream!

Puerto Rico

Yearning for an escape that won’t leave your bank empty? If you are, then your prayers have been answered in the form of a vacation to Puerto Rico. Convenient and made easy, a trip to the Caribbean Island won’t hurt a great deal.

The possibilities to explore the island are vast and endless. Don’t be restricted by people who say that the city is only for nature-lovers. Whether you have an appreciation for nature or a passion for adventure, this place offers you a variety like no other.

Though the island is known for its picturesque beaches, it also offers travelers the chance to take in the architectural landmarks and go on hiking trips. Thus, if you are willing to avoid the hustle and bustle of the city, book a trip to Puerto Rico now.

These were some of our favorite picks that can be taken on a tight budget. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t travel to other places on a tight bank balance. Do your research, assess the prices of accommodation and then make your choice. All the best.