According to a post written by bloggers based on a single figure in a 30-page paper, the mortality rate for COVID-19 in England is much greater among those who have been immunized than among those who have not been immunized.

A recent paper stated that mortality rates in vaccinated people are higher as compared to unvaccinated people. (4-1). As part of Facebook’s attempts to battle fake news and disinformation on its news feed, it was shared on Facebook.

A statistical mistake has been made in the assertion. Vaccination and unvaccinated people’s mortality rates are used to get the ratio. It does not take into consideration the size of the groups when comparing mortality rates.

According to a figure from a UK Health Security Agency study, England saw 3,430 COVID-19-related fatalities over the course of three weeks in October and November. 2,822 of the fatalities occurred among those who had received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccination, whereas 587 occurred among those who had not received any immunization. Those who had not been vaccinated were left out of the study.

According to the article cited in the claim, it is based on a 4.8 to 1 ratio that does not include those specific data points.

Senior communications officer, Luke Weeks, says that it’s not a legitimate comparison.

Vaccinated individuals outnumber the unvaccinated by a factor of nine. Weeks said that a very tiny proportion of a huge population is still more individuals than a greater percentage of a small one. Over 90% of the adult population is doubly vaccinated.

The blog post quotes the same vaccination surveillance report that offers these figures. According to the report, England reported 54.9 COVID-19 fatalities / 100,000 people vaccinated over the three-week period and 125.4 deaths / 100,000 people who were not vaccinated, according to the report.

Vaccination, according to World Health Organization research, prevents more than 90% of deaths.