With President Biden’s mandate in play, all adult Americans are now eligible to get a shot of the Covid-19 vaccine. As a result, the ratio of vaccinated to unvaccinated adults has witnessed a rapid increase in numbers over the last few months. Despite the increasing number of vaccinations each day, mass vaccination sites in the country have announced to close down due to a lack of significant demand.

In Florida, Palm Beach County is in the process of closing down three of its major vaccination sites due to a decrease in demand. According to the Palm Beach Post, this decision came in light of the current outlook; the sites were operating at only 50% capacity. A similar approach was followed in Clarkesville and North Carolina, where vaccination camps are expected to close down by the end of May, stated officials.

Large states, like Texas, have been home to some of the biggest vaccination sites, including the ones in Williamson and Galveston counties. All these sites are planning to shut down and Galveston officials have asked the state not to send an inflow of vaccines from next week as the number of people making appointments to get vaccinated has hit an all-time low. Moreover, Waukesha County in Wisconsin is planning on making its vaccination site more exclusive; it will shut down its site for new first doses by next week, as Waukesha County has successfully managed to administer vaccine doses to 60% of its people.

While these states are still in process of calling it quits, there are a few cities that have already managed to close down their major vaccination sites. Several sites in Las Vegas had declared to shut down the previous week, whereas Mercer County of Ohio closed its drive-through vaccination facility last month. According to Gov. Larry Hogan, other states will also follow in the same footsteps to close down major vaccination sites, citing a lack of demand as a major reason to undertake this step.

However, even as several vaccination sites continue to close down, many new facilities are opening up in different states including Tysons Corner in Virginia; Lake County in Illinois; Harford County in Maryland and New York- where the people would be able to get their shot at the American Museum of Natural History.