Vegas Golden Knights and Saint Louis Blues were involved in a goal-scoring spree during a game of ice hockey last night, fighting till the last minute to secure a win. Max Pacioretty scored a hat-trick to keep the morals of his team-high but it just wasn’t their day in the end.

Both teams played out the usual 60 minutes, but there was no winner. It was followed by fiery five-minute overtime, but still, there was no winner. The game was decided via the shootout, with Saint Louis Blues emerging victorious.

In a scintillating display of skill, Pacioretty scored a hat-trick.

The game was galvanized by the performance of Stone and Pacioretty with the Knights finishing with their season-high 43 shots on the goal. The Golden Knights were determined to win the game but fell short in the shootout.

Max Pacioretty dominated the game single-handedly. He was hunting for a goal in the last period of the game but fell short by inches which led the puck to roar in the empty arena, breaking the momentum of the game. This momentum shift led to an interference penalty for Stone. His strike helped the Blues equalize the score.

It wasn’t a bad game for the Golden Knights but all the efforts went into vain when they lost the match by inches.

The Vegas Golden Knights will take onSaint Louis Blues again on Thursday night at the T-Mobile Arena.