On any particular day, footage of violent events in Los Angeles’ famous Venice Beach area — incidents involving homeless people who have set up tents there – is posted on online platforms.

A video uploaded online Friday seems to show a homeless guy, in Venice Beach area, being assaulted by an unnamed man and woman while he sits on the ground along the boardwalk — while others pass by uninvolved.

Concerns from neighbouring homeowners, law enforcement, and business owners, have increased in the months since the encampments of tents on the beach grew, and the region continues to suffer from poor quality of life.

A homeless guy, inside a tent,  was discovered dead along the seaside boardwalk, dubbed Ocean Front Walk, last week, and another homeless man was detained in connection with the murder.

According to Fox News, the Los Angeles Police Department was ignorant of the event.

In another video, police officers are seen arresting a guy on the beach and loading him onto a stretcher. According to the person who uploaded the video, it happened after a random assault along the boardwalk. The Los Angeles Police Department did not reply to a Fox News request about the event.

According to a video uploaded to YouTube by TonyVeraNews, a guy questioned said his assailant broke his fishing pole and struck him in the stomach.

He said that the man was suffering from a mental health crisis, and he essentially attacked and beat him on the beach. He further added that was more distressing than serious until he destroyed his fishing pole, at which point he realised he has a weapon now.

Authorities did not have statistics available Friday, but as of May 31, Venice Beach had seen a 132 percent rise in attacks involving a homeless person as a suspect and a 126 percent increase in assaults involving a homeless victim this year.

Robberies involving a homeless person rose by 1,100 percent, while robberies using a homeless person as a suspect jumped by 160 percent. Overall, felony arrests in Venice rose by 81%, according to data supplied to Fox News by the Los Angeles Police Department.

Authorities have received complaints of gunshots, arson, assault, and harassment since the encampment’s growth. Previously, locals told Fox News that they avoided coming to the beach after specific hours or entirely.

Sheriff Alex Villanueva of Los Angeles County has sent officers from his department’s Homeless Outreach Services Team to Venice to handle the homeless problem. He urged county officials last month to declare, in response,  a state of emergency.