Gaza experienced intense airstrikes early morning on Friday, and it was meanwhile reported – later definitively refuted – that the army of Israel was preparing to mount a military invasion of the Strip.

A tweet from the army said that Gaza Strip is now being attacked by IDF air and land forces which culminated with the launch of a prolonged new round of airstrikes and artillery – prompted several news organizations to announce that a possible ground war had begun, and on Thursday this was much discussed by the Israeli Media. A few minutes later, a clarification arrived to CNN by the army spokesperson, Lt. Col. Jonathan, that the IDF may not have land forces within the Gaza Strip.

A reporter of CNN inside Gaza confirmed intense incoming artillery fire on Gaza and hundreds of airstrikes by Israeli troops.

Officials from the United Nations in Gaza said thousands of people left their houses in the east and north of the region to seek refuge in schools run by the UN agency for refugees of Palestine, which are named emergency shelters.

Israeli residents of Ashkelon were once again running to their shelters as sirens cautioned of a new barrage of Palestinian Rockets.

Benny Gantz, the defense Minister of Israel, earlier in the day, cautioned that Israel has many targets and is not confined by the time limit for its combat operations toward Gaza, as Palestinian militants and Israel’s military exchanged rocket bombardments and lethal airstrikes.

He further said that Israel has so far activated 7,000 military personnel. The majority of observers agree that the existing buildup of armor and infantry equivalent to a single division is insufficient to execute such a large incursion.

Since Monday afternoon, militants in Gaza have launched over 1,750 rockets against Israel, prompting Israel to react with destructive airstrikes in Gaza.

According to the Gaza-based Palestinian Health Ministry, Bombing Campaign of Israel in Gaza now has at least 109 Palestinians killed, which includes 15 mothers and 28 children. The Health Ministry added that as a consequence of the airstrikes this week at least 621 civilians have been injured.

Since Monday, the Israeli military reported, 7 Israelis have died out of the attacks and the wounded have been reported to be around 200. According to an emergency responder, on Wednesday, a boy, six years old, died of a missile launched from Gaza which hit a residential building in Sderot.