Charlottesville, Virginia – the lawsuit filed against the Unite the Right rally in 2017, which raised the concerns and rattled the white supremacist leader and hate groups, will appear in court this month for a trial.

The lawsuit has involved and brought several famous white supremacists leaders and groups to break into pieces. Moreover, the lawsuit has financially damaged the “alt-right,” leader, the white supremacist that came to light during the Trump’s administration.

 In an interview, Richard Spencer, the defendant of the lawsuit who is also a former “alt-right,” leader, said, “It’s very stressful and very costly,” and added, “This level of pressure is definitely scary.”

For a very long time, lawsuits have been exploited to bankrupt or dismantle the hate groups in America, including the Aryan Nations, the Ku Klux Klan, and the news outlet The Daily Stormer.

Amy Spitalnick, the director of the nonprofit organization Integrity First for America, said, “We know that civil lawsuits work in holding accountable extremists by going after their finances and their operations. And added, “That has been true for decades.”

Even after being cripples and dismantled several times, White supremacists have stood again and developed new plans, leaders, and organizations.

According to the Integrity First’s lawsuit, White Supremacist has been indulged in planning to induce racial violence against Jews and non-white during the  Unite The Right rally.

The lawsuit alleges, “The violence in Charlottesville was no accident,”

“Defendants spent months carefully coordinating their efforts on the internet and in person. They exhorted each other: ‘If you want to defend the South and Western Civilization from the Jew and his dark-skinned allies, be at Charlottesville on 12 August’ and ‘Next stop: Charlottesville, VA. Final stop: Auschwitz.'”

The lawsuit seeks compensation for damages for the complainant; however, the Jury must decide the amount.