If you have just become addicted to gaming or have been a gamer for a long but never considered the importance of ergonomic chairs, then learning about them might be life-changing for you. Although ergonomic chairs such as a Vitesse gaming chair are usually categorized as gaming chairs, they can be used by anyone for various purposes. For instance, it could be an excellent addition to your home-office setting.

Why Should You Consider a Vitesse Gaming Chair?

The Vitesse gaming/office chair seems more appropriate because it can be used for either of those purposes. Individuals coming out of the pandemic have embraced the new working environment. Offices too have brought in more flexible schedules, where workers are allowed to work from home and office both. This leaves individuals who work from home with the need to establish a working space that is comfortable yet motivating as an office environment is.

So, either you want it for your long gaming sessions or desire a comfortable office experience at home, an ergonomic chair is your best answer. But there are many ergonomic chairs out there, some with very specific special features that make them stand out. How do you figure out which one to get, that would suit your requirements adequately? Well nobody knows for sure, that is obvious. Yet there are still ways to figure out the objective benefit of a product so that you can come to a decision regarding it.

Why Vitesse Gaming Chair?

Vitesse as a company is known, in this particular niche of furniture making, as someone that makes reliable products. Furniture, whether high-investment or not, is something one does not think about replacing regularly. Some might even be thinking of life-long solutions. Therefore, reliability is something that goes a long way in these types of products.

If you take a proper look, as much as that is possible through photos alone, it is built like a racing car seat. This is an intentional thing on the manufacturer’s part. In fact, the term Vitesse refers to ‘speed’ in French, which might not be directly connected to this chair, but it applies. The thing with the racing car style chair is that it is made to provide a comfortable seating position while keeping you alert enough to be productive. That part is entirely translated into this chair.

Let’s look at the specifications of the chair, and how they matter in providing you the ultimate sitting experience, while work, or play.


Product Vitesse Gaming Chair
Available Color Black, White, Teal, Red, Blue, Purple
Seat Material High-quality PU leather on steel frame
Weight Capacity 300 LBS
Seat Dimensions 14.9″ x 20.4″ (W X D)
Backrest Dimensions 22.2″ x 30.7″ (W X L)
Warranty 365 days
Additional Features 360 degree swivel, explosion proof gas lift, premium rolling-casters, headrest and lumbar support
Adjustable Backrest 90°-180°

Key Features


One of the key things in a gaming chair is its ability to provide additional support to the player that helps improve the overall experience. A better experience enables you to perform better. Even if now we look at it from a professional light, when you need to work while sitting on a chair for 8-10 hours, it needs to be a comfortable chair.

The multifunctionality of this gaming chair gives you the ability to swivel 360 degrees, a free-to-move-around ticket if you will. A tough gaming chair often looks fixated on a place, but a comfortable one does not have to be. Additionally, the back seat support moves from a 90°-180° safety angle, which you can move if you want to relax more or want the back to be straighter. The premium rolling casters are made with a non-scratch functionality, which means you can take it anywhere around your house without worrying about causing any floor damage.


This chair has been specially designed keeping in mind the race-car-like position so that you can enjoy the comfort that you would get from a premium luxury race-car seat at home.

The company has officially talked about improving the e-sport experience for gamers with this chair. The bucket-style is given while considering the comfort of the people who will be using it, but there are occasional complaints regarding that. The issue is with the sides that seem to be protruding out upwards making the space in the middle cramped up for bigger people. The PU leather is breathable and comfortable. The leather will also not fade, so that’s a plus for you. The lumbar support also balances out supporting the neck part along with the back. Overall, the comfort part might not be rooted in the design as much as the manufacturers have liked.


The comfort of the  Vitesse gaming/office chair does not just extend to sitting but also regarding maintaining it. The cleaning is incredibly easy with the leather surface of the chair that makes it easy to just wipe any mess away. The weight difference part of the chair is already addressed in the above point. But to reiterate that point, that is the only aspect that clashes with the chair’s overall comfortable experience. In its capacity, the chair is pretty comfortable, while you work, play or just fool around watching content on your laptop.

Weight capacity

The Vitesse gaming/office chair is a good chair to get in this price range. There are many options out there you can choose from, and this one is just well enough to be one in it. Now that there is a clear indication of where the chair does lack, you know what you might be getting when you buy it.

The final thoughts are not supposed to be some clear yes or no answer that tells you whether or not to buy the product. But rather, you look over all the things discussed before objectively and make an informed decision. If you are buying, then you realize what might be the drawback when you use it. The Vitesse gaming chair is a unique chair made with intricate and innovative design, but it might not be the most comfortable chair for everyone out there. It can be worth a shot if you want to try gaming furniture in this price range.

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