Walmart, the American multinational retail corporation operates a chain of grocery stores, hypermarkets, and discounted stores. The huge corporation is expecting to employ several new transporters this year. The company is also going to increase their salaries to 90,000 dollars annually.

Starting February, the company is going to increase salaries by one penny per mile. This would bring the normal pay of the employees to almost 87,000 dollars every year.

The giant company hired 1,400 new transporters a year ago. Hundreds more are expected to join in 2019.


According to Walmart, the company is reexamining its transporter policy. They added that rapid hiring, more internships, and better-employing cycles are going to be the focus points in the policy. This is due to the growth of Walmart’s business.

Walmart Raises Truck Drivers’ Salary to Almost $90k

The new practices are also a reaction to expanded requests on the organization’s transportation network. The organization’s new strategies have diminished the time between an applicant’s underlying survey and their required driving appraisal significantly. Walmart’s overseer of driver ability procurement Lori Furnell said that the new practices are improving the abilities of the drivers.

He also said that the company was depending on the expertise of the certified driver trainers to train the newly hired. He further added that the driver coaches would help the growth of an already existing professional fleet of Walmart drivers.

As per Furnell, the new way is an approach to allow the possibility to get familiar and learn how Walmart drivers operate. Before this, the candidates were only given one chance to appear on a driving test. Presently, there is also a one-on-one coaching session with trained drivers.

Walmart has set up areas in Arizona and South Carolina where veteran drivers show the newly hired how to drive according to the company’s policy and how to master certain skills required by the company.