On Monday, the news was swamped with the death of the former Vice President, Walter Mondale. He also served as an advisor to President Jimmy Carter who announced the passing of his dear friend in a statement released on Monday night. Carter stated that his friend was “The best Vice President in our country’s history.

During his time at the office, Walter Mondale was critically acclaimed for enhancing the value of the office as a whole. According to Carter, Mondale made countless efforts to use his own set of skills to change the shape of the vice presidency into a “dynamic policy driving force” that exists even today. Moreover, Carter not only appreciated him for honing the vice presidency, but also for being a partner like no other.

Other iconic figures including President Joe Biden and his wife Jill Biden stated that Mondale was one of America’s most dedicated and hardworking patriots, who was also successful in issuing crucial legislation like the Fair Housing Act. The couple also commented that there are only a few people in this world who have received the same share of appreciation and respect as Walter Mondale.

Walter Mondale dies at 93; Political icons mourn his loss Walter Mondale began his career as an activist in Minnesota’s Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party and then soon moved on to work for Hubert Humphrey’s campaign in 1948. He completed his bachelor’s degree in law back in 1956 and proceeded to become the state attorney’s general in the year 1960. Later on, Mondale was given the position of Senate in 1964 to complete the term of Hubert Humphrey.

His role as a Senate consisted of a set of reforms that not only changed the dynamics of the Congress but also strived to ensure an effective allocation of the budget. Moreover, Walter Mondale also worked towards protecting the rights of the American minorities along with those who did not have a high income.

It is important to note that Mondale not only faced numerous struggles in his political career but also grappled to deal with the grief of losing two of his beloved family members. In 2011, he lost his daughter Eleanor to deadly brain cancer and just three years later, his wife Joan also passed away after battling a serious illness.

Despite his personal and political troubles, Walter Mondale did not give up. Resilient and determined, he will be remembered as a man of the true principle. The news of his death elicited a response from political figures including Vice President Kamala Harris, who claimed that she had spoken to Mondale just a week back. She, like many others, appreciated his sense of humor and undeniable wisdom that had only increased with time. Even Barack Obama commended him in a tweet that stated how he efficiently mastered the art of working for liberal causes and gave the domain of vice presidency a new meaning.

A little time before his death, Mondale penned down a letter addressed to his team that was shared by his family with NBC News. In his letter, he expressed his feelings on being keen to rejoin Elanor and Joan in the afterlife. He also extended a token of gratitude to his team for being the “best group of people.