A shootout took place on March 13th, where two officers raided into an apartment and killed a 26-year-old woman by the name of Breonna Taylor.

The Kentucky grand jury has decided to charge Brett Hankinson, the officer with three counts of ‘wanton endangerment’ but not for the death of Taylor.

The three police officers claim that they only had the intention of catching Taylor’s ex-boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, off guard. They also claim that they did knock the door and announced their presence and only after no one answered, they had no other option but to knock the door down.

Kenneth says that he started shooting in self-defense because he thought that it was an invasion as he didn’t hear the officers. As a result, the officers retaliated to this and ended up killing Taylor.

The latest updates are, that none of the officers are charged with the killing of Taylor whereas Hankinson is only charged with ‘wanton endangerment’ for risking the lives of neighbors as he blindly fired through the apartment.

Daniel Cameron (Kentucky Attorney General) states that the police officers cannot be punished until proved guilty. He says that the officers were allowed to enter as they had a warrant and they fired in self-defense as Kenneth started shooting first.

Ex-Louisville police Officer Brett Hankison charged Daniel Cameron furthers says that it is a tragic incident, but we have to put aside our emotions here and take action according to the law.

Trump admired the Attorney General for his work and even called him a star, whereas Ben Crump who is the attorney for Taylor’s family felt devastated and helpless.

Ben Crump is not at all happy with the outcome and even challenged the Attorney General claiming that the authorities are just covering up for the death and sounded disappointed in his tweet.

A burst of outrage has been witnessed among the people, especially the BLM community, claiming this to be an act of racism, and they demand justice for the black woman.