The Coach of the Golden State Warriors Steve Kerr has indicated that James Wiseman is not going to come back soon. He was addressing a press conference.

This is devastating news for all the fans as they were expecting him to play for the Warriors in the next game. The coach is dealing with the matter as he wants to make Wiseman learn about personal development.

Steve believes that it is going to help him in the long run as the players have to experience being benched for a game or two. It is development progress for him, and he will understand this in the future.

Kevon Looney has replaced Wiseman for the next game as the coach believes he is the one to be trusted. This transition period is difficult for Wiseman, as he has never been out of the team for so long.

People are intrigued by the steps taken by the head coach Steve Kerr. Wiseman needs to be trained before he makes an entry to the team as he is one of the most important players for the Warriors.

The overall performance of the Warriors has not been good so far, but they are looking forward to winning more games. But with Wiseman on the bench, there is little that the coach can expect from the team.

Steve is trying to figure out a balance between developing players and winning the games. He believes that he is learning from his previous mistakes, and will not rush into any decision without consultation from the team. He is looking forward to big wins in the next season, as he is working on individual players right now.