Washington State University’s football coach Mike Leach tweeted a fake video of the former US president Barack Obama. After the tweet went viral on the platform, the school lost out on more than 1 million in donations. The video was called fake later on.

Mike Leach went on to defend the fake video and kept the Twitter rage going. His constant tweets created a storm on the social media platform.

According to a school official, even after the video was confirmed fake, no donor who had made a cash donation asked back for their money.

The University President, Kirk Schulz, also confirmed the news. He said that a few donors had changed their plans for future donations. Some had also altered the future estate gift plans that they had. The estate gifts were worth more than a million dollars.

The Vice President of Marketing and Communication, Phil Weiler confirmed the statement of Schulz. He added that five donors told the school management that they had changed their plans for future donations.

The donations were supposed to be estate gifts, which would be given to the foundation after the donor’s death.

The total value of the estates was around 1.6 million dollars. The video tweeted by Mike contained an edited video of former President Obama.


Kirk later on addressed the issue in detail. He said that although school officials are trained to use social media, he still cannot stop them from sharing their personal opinion on political matters. He also added that school officials are citizens of the country.

He defended Mike Leach’s statement, calling it a private political view.