The animosity of 2020 and it’s restrictions on public celebrations are over, and people are over the moon about celebrating their favorite holidays with family and friends. Thanksgiving has arrived following the spooky celebrations of Halloween, and there’s a lot to celebrate and be thankful for. The iconic Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is back in action after two years now, and you can even witness it online.

NBC is airing the entire parade from 9 a.m. till noon today, many brands and corporations are involved, there will be live performances, fundraising for charity, and the legendary giant floating balloons, in short, everything that makes it Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. The parade has also reached it’s 95th year anniversary, making it really special this year, after a year of loss, grief and all-in-all difficult times that people have had collectively.

The route will be the same from Manhattan to the Upper West Side and Midtown New York. Since it’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade everyone expects a completely over-the-top show of festivities lining the streets of New York city. For those who cannot physically join in due to any reason, the parade is also streamed online so it can reach the maximum number of people. It is even feasible for anyone who is outside the city but wants to be a part of the parade.

The lineup of performers at Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is filled with amazing stars and talented individuals as well as groups including many celebrities, singers, circus performers, dancers, and marching bands. For those interested to watch the parade in person, you can do so at specific areas that have viewing spots at West 77h Street and Central Park West in Manhattan.  

For online viewers who want to witness Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade but do not have access to cable TV, can do so on any streaming platforms that have on-demand video access to NBC, as that is the only channel to air the parade live. There might even be highlights available by many platforms for the top entertainment acts that you could watch later.

In another great step towards adapting to innovative ways to raise funds, Macy’s is also auctioning NFT’s of 10 digital art pieces of their iconic giant floating balloons. All of the proceeds from the fundraising will go towards the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The auction will end in 5 days, so bidders have plenty of chances to get their favorite piece and help a great cause.