How to turn off 5G on an iPhone to save your battery life

How to turn off 5G on iPhone 12?

People new to 5G as a service are not aware that you can enable and disable 5G on your iPhone as you wish, even switch it as you prefer.

How to turn off 5G on iPhone 12?

If you were not already aware, iPhone 12 was the first model ever to introduce 5G enabling in iPhones. When it first launched in April of 2021, it was the first iPhone series, all four of the iPhone 12 variations, to have the option to use 5G.

How to change 5G to LTE or 4G?

Apart from the intentional service connection choice, there’s nothing you need to specifically do for that as your phone has the ability to detect whenever the 5G signals are slow or down, it automatically switches to an alternative signal connection.

What can be the issues that ask to disable 5G

Technically, the speed and fluency that 5G allows you are best suited in today’s fast-paced internet era, when transactions, news, and other personal, as well as professional activities, have become so easily accessible, they require such fast connection as well.

What can be the issues that ask to disable 5G

Slow or bad 5G service and speed can be truly frustrating if you have experienced it.

Another reason for you to disable 5G at least for a while, is when you have a limited data plan or when you are reaching your monthly limit and are restricted with updates on the plan for the time being

How to change 5G to LTE or 4G

However, if you still find that your 5G is working quite less than well and that you might have a much better connection with a lower-speed cellular service, you can also do so manually from settings.