In this era of digitalization, social media has become quite popular. Although there are many social applications today, Facebook’s popularity never fades away. One of the main reasons for this is its accessibility and user-friendly interface that anyone can use with ease, even our grandparents and parents, who never used social media before.

However, many of the users around the globe complained about distorted posts on their feed.

Our brain is designed to catch the information in chronological order, if the order is distorted; it becomes irritating for our brain to absorb the information.

Now Facebook is working on making the chronological feed appearance feature accessible. The feature always existed; it was just that we didn’t know how to access it. However, the updated version would make this feature more visible. The official post by Facebook’s vice president, Nick Clegg, highlights the tools that will cater to what the audience desired.

The particular article is not just about the announcement, but it is also a response to the allegation that Facebook spreads wrong information to the people, resulting in the polarization of the society.

Every post you see is based on Facebook’s algorithm. The article “You and the Algorithm – It takes two to tango,” by Nick Clegg, explains everything. With that, the highlights include a detailed overview of the upcoming features.

The new feature will include a new feed filter bar with three tabs. The traditional posts that you regularly see on your wall. The next one would show you content posted by your up to thirty favorite people on Facebook, which includes, friends, family, designated pages, etc. The third tab would show you the recent posts in chronological order, posted by the people you follow or are friends with on Facebook. You will be able to access this feed filter bar from the three dots in the menu.

Other than this, you will be able to limit the comments on your posts. With this privacy feature, you can stop any individual from commenting on your posts. Moreover, to make Facebook more secure, you would be able to see the reason why are you seeing that particular post via, ‘Why you’re seeing this?’ feature. This will help you to know, the alien post, that you think you have never seen any related post before, is shared by your contacts on Facebook, or you are seeing it due to any random posting.

All in all, these are not the new features, these were always present in the app, it is just that the new algorithm of Facebook will make these features more visible.