George Lucas, like many, started with an idea of a movie. Most of the movies we see follow a simple approach. They start with a simple storyline of a hero, a princess, an evil villain along with the phase of defeating and rescuing – all stories were almost the same.

Lucas wanted his work to be different from the mainstream stories. He gathered and mixed the likable elements of the movies he watched in his childhood. His movies depicted the magic of swords and knights.

It is when star wars movies came into existence. Let’s find out more about these movies and know what are the star war movies.

Star Wars is the most prominent creation of George Lucas, under which he produced 11 films. He also created television series and wrote many comic books. There’s also popular merchandise that includes toys, dolls, and Lego sets. It got quite popular among the youth.

Star Wars series are basically a collection of different stories, brilliantly portrayed, unlike movies that last for a transitional period or just remain on the screens for a little while and then disappear like nothing.

Series Season Episode First Last Network Showrunner(s) Status
Stars Wars Bilps 1 8 May 3, 2017 September 4, 2017 YouTube TBA Released
Star Wars Roll Out 1 TBA August 9, 2019 TBA YouTube Hideo Itoyanagi[74] Streaming
Stars Wars: Jedi Temple Challenge 1 10 June 3, 2020[84][85] TBA YouTube TBA Awaiting release[84][85]


Star Wars for many is a temptation. A temptation you cannot resist until the next movie is out. One of its most iconic movies is ‘Reign of Fire’.

It is a wonderful collection of movies with a load of turns and twists. It represents the last generation fighting a sky full of fire.

An interesting point about Star Wars is that it is not only limited to digital screens. It makes a whole lot of impact on the outside world.

Be it adults or teenagers, the character get-ups are practiced all over the world. As an extension to the characters of Star Wars, DC Comics and Marvel Studios are very popular among today’s generation.