All of us have had that moment when we open a Snapchat or text from a close friend who just writes “FT me” and now we’re unsure what they mean. In this section, we’ll explain what FT on Snapchat and texting truly implies.

Acronyms on Snapchat

Within the confines of the apps, social media is rife with acronyms and slang that denote a certain meaning or imply something specific. The world has another language, ranging from yellow hearts to farm animals, that you must master in order to survive in a crowded sea of likes.

Given how much of our communication now takes place on the Internet, it has grown into a language of its own, in many ways. Truncations are common in this language, which is far more laid-back than other languages. It is important to remember that numerous Internet slang terms are misspelled or misused before venturing into the realm of Internet English. Now it is time to see What Does FT Mean On Snapchat?

What Does FT Mean on Snapchat?

FaceTime, abbreviated as FT, is a video calling application for iOS users. If you’re an Apple user and you get a message with the word FT, it means that someone wants to video chat with you.

FaceTime is quite popular among Apple users. Many other programs, such as Skype, allow for video calling, but for many people, FaceTime is the most convenient option.

Can’t You Video Chat on Snapchat?

On the Snapchat app itself, you can make calls and video calls much as on FaceTime. You can, in fact, video chat with up to fifteen people at once.

The feature of video calls on Snapchat has been present for many years but it is easy to overlook for people. In order to initiate a video call on Snapchat you need to follow the following steps. Bear in mind that you can do a voice-only call anytime by just deactivating your phone’s camera. Just as a FaceTime audio call.

FaceTime, as opposed to Snapchat video calls, enables more people to be on a video call at the same time. FaceTime allows you to have a group video conversation with up to 32 people at once. Unlike Snapchat, which allows you to make video calls with up to 15 people at a time. If you want to video call your whole class, using FaceTime will be a better option.

  1. Open the Snapchat application
  2. A list of the people you’ve been talking to lately will appear when you swipe right. It’s possible to look for a buddy if they aren’t on the list by clicking the “+” symbol in the upper right corner of the chat window.
  3. Select the person you wish to video call by tapping on their name when they appear in the search results.
  4. Right at the top is a little video icon. Tap the video icon.
  5. Now Snapchat will make a video call.

NOTE: The person you’re contacting may watch your video before accepting the call on Snapchat. Because they can see you, don’t go picking your nose before they respond.

The video and audio quality are excellent, but we prefer FaceTime. However, it may be more convenient to utilize the same app as the person you’re conversing with to video chat rather than switching to another application.

It’s as simple as double-tapping the screen if you wish to switch cameras.

WARNING: The other person would like to use FaceTime because it doesn’t notice if the person has taken a screenshot or is recording the video call. Therefore, if you are doing anything which you do not want to be recorded, it is best to stay on Snapchat. Even on Snapchat, you can’t prevent it from happening but at least you will be notified what the other person is up to.

Does FT mean anything else?

When we hear someone mention “FT,” we assume they’re talking about FaceTime, but there have been times when we’ve misunderstood. Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and other social media platforms have all seen the term “FT” used to refer to FaceTime. However, there are always exceptions to the rule, and that’s what we’ll cover now.

It’s possible that the speaker means to say:

  • F*uck That:  if they’re fed up with what’s happening and genuinely don’t like it. You’ll need to rely on context hints for this one. Is he or she agitated or irritated? It’s possible they had in mind this abbreviation.
  • For Trade: If you’re on a trade forum or chatting to someone about trading something, this one is applicable. You’ll need to look at the surrounding context. People may not want to FaceTime if you’re simply conversing about Pokemon Go, they mean trading.
  • Featuring: In music, the term “featuring” refers to one musician collaborating with another to create a song. Instead of FaceTime, FT in music refers to a song called Featuring.
  • Full Time: Full Time (FT) in soccer refers to the conclusion of all 90 minutes of play. Halftime is being likened to this (HT). Our assumption is that unless you’re chatting explicitly about soccer with your friends, you won’t use this expression very frequently.

Common FT Phrases You May Come Across

Anyone Wanna FT: This means if anyone wants to make a FaceTime call. You can do a FaceTime call with numerous people simultaneously, thanks to the latest update.

FT Buddy: FT Buddy means FaceTime buddies. He or she is the person with whom you do FaceTime on a regular basis.

Could You FT: This means someone is asking you if you have time for FaceTime.

Down to FT: This means Do you want to FT (FaceTime) with me.

Group FT: This is asking to start a group FaceTime call.

HMU to FT: Using two acronyms together in the same sentence can be quite confusing. HMU here means Hit Me UP and FT means FaceTime. It means Hit Me Up to FT(FaceTime).

I’m on FT: When someone says I’m on FT, he or she means that they are on a FaceTime call or that they have an iPhone and are able to do a FaceTime call. The person might not actually be on a FaceTime call but they have the FaceTime service and can call whenever required.

SB to FT: Somebody to FaceTime? Looking for someone to make an FT call.

U wanna FT: Would you like to hop on an FT (FaceTime) call?

Even though these are Snapchat-specific acronyms, you may use them in any text, group forum, or messaging app.

The next step is to learn how to FaceTime your friend on various social networking platforms.

How to FT a friend?

FaceTime is the best way to communicate with someone you met on social media. You and your pal must both own an iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, or Mac computer in order to FaceTime.

Assuming both of you have an iPhone capable of using FaceTime, we’re ready to go! Two things are required for the next stages.

One of the requirements is that you have the FaceTime app installed on your iPhone. It often comes preinstalled. You’ll also have to make sure FaceTime is enabled on your phone. Go to the settings app and scroll down to FaceTime to see whether it’s enabled. Check to see whether the toggle is active by tapping on it.

  1. Open the search feature on your iPhone
  2. It will show up as soon as you start typing “FaceTime.” Activate Facetime by clicking on it.
  3. Right over it, there’s a plus sign (+).
  4. The phone number or email connected with your friend’s Apple ID may be entered here.
  5. To make a FaceTime video call, press the video call button.
  6. Wait for your friend to answer the call.

How Famous is FaceTime?

Data on how many people use FaceTime daily, how many FT calls are made, and so on is limited due to Apple’s reluctance to provide any. This article from 2014, which is more than five years out of date, was the only source of information we could discover.

When asked about how many iMessages and FaceTime calls are made each day, Apple CEO Tim Cook answered, “Over 40 billion” according to the story. What a difference a few years make. 170 million iPhones were sold in 2014 alone. 210 million iPhones have been sold every year since then. This means that the worldwide number of iPhones has increased by over a billion since the publication of that report.

People are prepared to pay for FaceTime because technology has become so commonplace in our everyday lives. According to the poll, 79 percent of respondents indicated they were ready to pay for FaceTime, and the average price they were prepared to pay was $2.78. As many people use FaceTime each year, charging merely a few dollars a year would contribute hundreds of millions of dollars in income to Apple. However, customers’ stated willingness to pay may not necessarily correspond to their real willingness to pay.

However, Apple has sold hundreds of millions of iPhones, Macs, and iPads since 2014, so we don’t have any fresh data on how popular FaceTime is. As a result, the 15 to 20 million daily FaceTime calls are likely hundreds of times more than they were five years ago.

When it comes to video calling, FaceTime has set the bar high for the industry. It’s possible to make an audio-only call using FaceTime similar to a phone call if you do not want to video call. Using FaceTime audio instead of video allows you to have a phone conversation even if you have poor reception of WiFi signals.

Warning about FaceTiming with Strangers!

It’s impossible for anybody to know what someone else’s intentions are, and when someone says “Let’s FT,” you never know who they are, an old friend or a predator.

You should only FaceTime with people you have already met in person. Facetime with a creep isn’t worth it, no matter how enticing it may seem. However, if you know the individual from class or from soccer practice, or anywhere else, you are more than welcome to FaceTime them. It’s still crucial to maintain your privacy and be on the watch for creeps in today’s world.

It’s best to think twice before accepting a FaceTime request from someone you don’t know on Snapchat. Does the individual sound fishy or does the person give off unpleasant feelings to you? When in doubt, don’t provide the individual with your personal mobile phone number. When using online social media, it’s critical to protect your privacy and the privacy of others by not sharing any personal information.

If you have any reason to believe that the person is not who they claim to be, or if you get negative feelings from them, block them on Snapchat and notify Snapchat about their conduct. Unfortunately, bad intentions and creepiness are all too widespread in today’s world. Keep an eye out for potential pitfalls.

By holding on a Snapchat user’s name, you may report them. Once you’ve clicked on the user’s name, a dialogue box will appear with numerous choices, one of the options is to report the person.

Remember that although using Snapchat and FT to carry on a discussion is OK in most cases, it’s crucial to secure your personal information from prying eyes and to be on the side of caution while you’re connected to the internet at large.

Final Words

When conversing on Snapchat, users often use acronyms. FaceTime is referred to as FT on Snapchat, and it is a video calling application for iPhone users. However, there are situations when FT is used for different objectives. It may imply f*ck, trade, as well as featuring.

You can figure out what does FT mean on Snapchat based on the context in which it is used.

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