If you are a Snapchat user for a while, you might already be a little used to the fact that Snapchat has always been a little different in terms of use, from other social media platforms. Therefore, a few features and some actions might seem truly strange if you don’t know how to address them. If you are wondering ‘what does pending mean on Snapchat‘ this guide will help you figure it out and solve the issue with multiple alternatives.

Let’s start with the issue, what could be causing it, how you identify it, and how to solve it. These are just some commonly asked questions regarding the topic, and we will be addressing all of them in order.

The issue

The problem is pending messages from your side to whomever you might be sending them to. It could be a private chat, or it could be a group (an option available to users on Snapchat) that you are trying to send the message to. The problem is when it does not send, fails to deliver, and/or keeps ending up as pending. This can be caused due to various reasons within the app as well as with the device you are using.

How does it show on the app?

How it shows on your phone or app is not different at all, it just says pending with a little rectangular sign with a one-pointed corner in blue as shown in the picture. It can appear with any chat, with a person’s username, and even in the list of chats in your app. And it can appear for different reasons as well, for different people and users.

What can cause it?

In terms of a pending message, your Snapchat app continues to try and send that message to whomever it was intended for unless you intervene and cancel the message from sending. There are, however, some clear reasons for this occurring; here are a few common ones.

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  • If your device is outside of the internet premises or currently offline, you might face the pending issue. When looking for answers for ‘what does pending mean on Snapchat’ many think it could only be an internal issue with the app and its flow, but sometimes the basics can be true for any problem.
  • You are not friends with the person that you are trying to communicate with. Sometimes it takes a while before someone you have sent a friend request to approves it. Therefore, wait for them to allow you to send them snaps. In another case, it could also be possible that a friend removed you from their list, in that case as well you also face the pending issue.
  • There are times when you either get reported, or Snapchat itself takes an action for going against their policies and restricts your account. In this case, too your snaps could get restricted, either with specific accounts or overall.
  • In the same line as a restriction, if someone has blocked your account on Snapchat, then you cannot send them snaps, and it will continue to show pending on any snap you try to send them.
  • Lastly, there is of course the issue of the app, as all tech-related products face every once in a while, so can Snapchat. It could be a one-time technical issue or the entire app could be having trouble.

How to solve it?

Each of the issues detailed above has easy solutions to get to, here are a few listed below.

For any device that you are using your Snapchat on, make sure the internet connection is not just available but also stable. Snapchat, like most other social media platforms, works through the internet, and you cannot be online without it. Therefore in order to ensure your message or snap is sent successfully, make sure of the internet connection.

In terms of friend request approval issues, try and communicate with your friend through another app, requesting them or reminding them to approve your request. If you don’t know a person like that, all you can do is wait for them to accept your request on their own.

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If you want to check whether it’s a one-chat issue or happening with every other chat, try sending the same message to another person. It will clear out where the issue lies. If it does not send to anyone, you will know it’s either a technical issue with the app or an internet issue.

Lastly, try checking your phone settings, etc. to ensure if the app is working properly as it could have a system issue.

Hopefully, this all answers your question of ‘what does pending mean on Snapchat’. Try the solutions we have referred to, and let us know if they help you.