This article will introduce this topic by addressing the issues that lead to the case of constipation. The effects of constipation on a person will be discussed too. Then the article will discuss what foods are good for constipation.  The article will not only deal with foods that make you poop but will discuss the amount of consumption, the regular timing of meals, and the consumption of fluids that also helps fight against conditions of constipation.

Of course, there are a lot of drugs that are sold over the counter to help relieve people with constipation. However, this article will deal with natural ways to deal with constipation. It is not healthy to rely on drugs so much. Drugs can have adverse effects if taken too often and too much is taken, that is, exceeding specified doses when relief is not attained.

Signs of Constipation

Babies, children, teenagers, and adults all can and do suffer from constipation. It’s a very common condition the world over.

If you have not pooped at least three times a week, if your stool is hard or large, dry or lumpy and if you have to strain a lot, then you have constipation. If straining a lot in the toilet is not relieving you and you are suffering from constant headaches, it is a good chance you are suffering from a bad case of constipation.

Causes of Constipation

People that do not consume enough fiber are the people susceptible to constipation.  Not eating vegetables, fruits, or cereals or not having enough fluids also causes constipation.  Being physically inactive or not exercising may cause it too.  Sudden changes to your diet or deviating from your daily routine of eating can start the condition too. For some people, stress, anxiety, or depression could trigger the condition. Intentionally not going to the toilet has also been noted to cause constipation.

Effects of Constipation

Loss of appetite and fatigue might set in if a person suffers a long time for a constipation problem. Major problems like getting piles and bowel incontinence might occur. The toxin in your body starts building up which leads to stomach distention and extremely bad headaches.

How to treat and prevent Constipation?

All that is required is for a person to make some changes to his or her diet and lifestyle. The changes need not be very dramatic. The measure outlined here is safe for everyone, even for pregnant women.

Changes may take from a few days to a few weeks, during this time deal with constipation with any medication that helps with relieving the condition.

Start maintaining a regular time going to the toilet for doing your poop.

Try not to delay going to the toilet when you feel like going.

Make your toilet accommodate stools on which you can squat to pass out the stool. This is the natural way to poop.

Do more physical activities, like cleaning, sweeping, walking up and downstairs, or have fast morning walks. Start doing some abdomen exercises or squat exercises.

But the number one remedy for constipation is controlling your diet and that is what this article is really about, what foods to have to prevent constipation completely.

What Foods are Good for Constipation?

What foods are good for constipation in adults in particular? The types of food are given below:

  • Prunes

Prunes have insoluble fibers that absorb water which increases the amount of fluid in the stool, making it less dry and easy to slip, but gives the stool more bulk for the large intestines to push on.

  • Apples

Besides, the fiber apples have they also are high in acids that attract water. This gives the stool bulk and keeps it moist.

  • Pears

This fruit is full of fiber to give the stool bulk. It also has sugars that pull in water. Most fruits are mostly water. This way the stool is prevented from getting hard and dry.

  • Figs

Figs are dry fruits. They give the stool a lot of fiber, thus helping bowel movement. With figs bowel movement of stool happens very quickly.

  • Spinach and other Green Leafy Vegetables

Besides all the vitamins and minerals these vegetable pack, they have a harder type of fiber that really helps in bowel movements.

  • Sweet Potato

This too has a good amount of fiber to help pass out stool. 200 grams of sweet potato eaten for about four days will soon show positive results.

  • Beans, Peas, and Lentils

Also, know as pulses are cheap to add to your food list that does wonders for constipation.

  • Rye Bread

Usually, bread can cause constipation. But rye bread is different. This bread is packed with dietary fiber that will help you with constipation.

It must be noted here that all these foods must be eaten regularly, at least twice a day for a few days. Then their effects will be felt. A mixture of them will even do more wonders for your constipation problems. Try them; these foods will do a good job keeping away constipation.

Most vegetables and fruits will combat constipation. Remember what you eat, the regularity of eating, and how much you are eating all produce or reduce constipation.


The article has underlined all that a person needs to treat and prevent constipation.  Add as much fiber to your food. Eat at regular times. Drink enough water to keep hydrated and exercise as often as possible. Eat a lot of vegetables and fruits, these foods have both fiber and water in them and have the necessary amounts of vitamins and minerals to keep your digestive system working properly.

Foods that make you Poop – FAQs

The intake of a fiber supplement with a laxative stimulant will give almost immediate relief.
Prunes and papaya will make you poop quickly.
If eaten in large amount at once. Just having one or two bananas can cause constipation or aggrevate the condition.
Prune juices, apple juices and pear juices help with constipation.
They have no fiber. So, by themselves, eggs cannot help with constipation.
Yes, but only hot or iced black tea will help in constipation control. But large amounts must be consumed. This type of tea can be drunk regularly without any side effects.
One of the major reasons for constipation is dehydration. So drinking water is generally good. Drinking hot water may help the muscles heat up and work faster.