Undoubtedly, the US economy is in bad shape at the moment but if experts are to believe they are hinting towards an unexpected recovery. However, nothing can be claimed with absolute certainty at the moment as the novel coronavirus is still there. Another wave of COVID-19 is also expected and how the economy and the US government will react to it cannot be determined.

But the prospect for the financial market looks promising. The stock market started exhibiting positive signs and we have witnessed a surge in stock prices of many tech companies including Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, etc. Likewise, investors are betting on plant-based companies, which may give better returns in the future. Overall, the stock market has recovered faster than many had expected. Some experts call it a bubble, but the stability and growth the financial market have shown till now suggest otherwise.

What’s in stores for the US financial marketThere are various companies that have experienced gains in their stock prices, a fact hinting that the US financial market is recovering and the effect of the pandemic are wearing off. The confidence of investors in the market has boosted, however, some businesses obviously experienced a decline in the value of their stocks.

The future although looks bright for the financial market, but it is too early to say anything with absolute certainty about where the market is headed. If financial market previous trends will be analyzed, it can be observed that the market remains cautious while investing during elections, which is just around the corner. Similarly, who will win the race to the White House is going to determine the market response. Historical data of the US financial market also reveals that even after the elections the first few months remain slow as investors first gauge the position they are in to and what policies the administration is planning to roll out to deliver on their election promises.

The way the market has recovered, one thing is for sure that the surge is not a bubble that’s going to burst and it will continue in the future as well. The tech sector is growing; the automotive sector is picking up on innovation; plant-based stocks are being dubbed as the most lucrative opportunity for investors, and increasing interest in AI are a few of the many examples that indicate a positive and bright future for the US financial market.