If an organization is unfamiliar with Amazon SES, there are high chances that it is still using the good, old Outlook or Gmail for sending out corporate emails. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but as your company grows, this option would eventually become unworkable, or at least impractical. The reason being that large business would need to send numerous transactional emails to their vast customer base and a complex infrastructure would definitely be needed for that purpose.

Another factor that advocates the need for a more advanced service with respect to larger organizations is that established businesses (and even those in the growth phase) cannot just rely on sending newsletters and sales reminders, but also need a solution for analyzing, tracking, reporting and responding to messages.

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Amazon SES (Simple Email Service) offers this solution. It is specifically designed for carrying out all functions that require the use of outgoing emails, such as sending corporate communication messages, supporting marketing campaigns, or processing transactional emails.

Organizations which are already using Amazon’s cloud computing platform, EC2, may be able to send free emails via SES till the number reaches 62,000. From email number 63,000 onwards, the users would be charged a fee based on the “pay-as-you-go” model. For those who might be wondering what this payment model refers to, it is a system that requires one to make the payment before availing of a particular service. One can only avail benefits equivalent to the amount paid.

Benefits of Amazon SES

An excessive number of emails being sent each month either via the numerous apps, or for promotional purposes, or for carrying out routine business activities, can put quite a strain on the underlying platforms being used to deliver these messages. Other challenges that exist are reliability, conformation to regulations regarding email marketing, and the ability to respond to the influx of emails.

One of the advantages of SES is that its infrastructure is strong enough to bear the strain. Furthermore, the service has features that protect it from non-conformity to the requirements set by regulatory compliance issues, e.g., preventing it from being classified as spam.

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Amazon SES also makes use of techniques that filter content and offers various reporting and analytics functions. The app can be managed by admins and configured with respect to the particular needs of a business. Not only this, but it can cater to incoming emails by storing them in the Amazon EC2 bucket. AWS Lambda can then be used to process these messages via a custom code.

One of its most notable features is its cost. Since Amazon SES uses a “pay-as-you-go” model, it is quite affordable for businesses and may cost as little as 10 cents for a thousand emails sent.

With all these benefits, combined with the fact that the use of email is essential for companies in order to reach out to customers, it seems that Amazon SES has great potential. Thus, the service is likely to become increasingly popular in near future.