Halloween, one of the spookiest yet fun-filled events celebrated every year on October 31 that commemorates the eve of all Saints Day in the western countries including the US, the UK, Scotland, Ireland, and other various European countries.

This day is a treat for every person as it is marked with a lot of spooky festivities, ghost sightseeing, and is celebrated with much fervor all around the world. On this day, people dress up in different scary costumes like witches, zombies, ghosts, or any other fictional character of their choice. The organizers plan out gatherings and parties on Halloween.

Why is Halloween celebrated on October 31?

In countries including the US and the US, it is a common belief that supernatural beings or the dead can visit the earth on the eve of All Saint’s Day. Moreover, the Celtics, a collection of different tribes having origin in the US and in the European countries, hold similar beliefs. They marked October 31 as the New Year celebration event and they also believe that the line between the living and the dead get blurred on this day. October 31 also entitles an ending to the Harvest season of the Celtics and is celebrated in a festival known as ‘Soin’.

In the 18th century, the villagers gathered on this today and lit bonfires and prayed to drive the dead back into the spirit world and also prayed to keep them away from the loving. However, the Catholics Church’s influence mainly began to increase in Europe and they disapproved of Pagan rituals similar to Soin.

Why do people dress up as ghosts on Halloween?

Dressing up in different costumes as a ghost on Halloween is considered to be a part of a Celtic tradition. The main reason behind this is that the people dress scary in order to avoid being recognized by the evil spirits. Moreover, the Celtics would also wear scary masks to avoid contact with the dead. The celebrities around the US celebrate this day with zeal and enthusiasm.