With time, the reliance on digital mediums has increased two-fold. Gone are the days where traditional modes of communication were the main way of conversing with another. Those primal methods have been replaced by much more modern, efficient, and reliable tools.

Similarly, fax machines have also taken a digital route. If you want to avoid the hassle of using complex machines, online faxing can serve as a great repose. At present, there are several different online faxing services available. Some notable ones include Efax, Myfax, and Hellofax.

What is HelloFax?

At present, online faxing services are considered to be the new ‘thing’ in the market. Undoubtedly, they have made lives easier and hassle-free. Who would want to go through such an extensive and tedious process when it can be done within minutes?

Given these trends, most companies have started to offer online faxing services. With the influx of Covid-19, more and more firms are providing such services and an individual is faced with a diverse range of options to choose from. Out of the diverse range of companies in the online faxing domain, here is a detailed overview of Hellofax and its key features.

HelloFax: Through a Lens

An exceptional fax service, Hellofax has become known for its quality interface and seamless desktop functionality. Founded back in 2010, it was one of the new companies to step into the digital fax market. It has a sister company known as HelloSign and the two have been integrated well with Google services.

The connection with Google services has arisen primarily due to the owner, Joseph Walla’s decision to launch the company inside of Combinator. With this decision, the company received a crucial investment from Google Ventures. This investment has not just helped in financial terms but has also given the business substantial visibility in the market. Ultimately, this esteemed connection to Google and its modern interface has led HelloFax to be one of the most renowned and “trending” online fax services of today. Listed below are some of the known features of this faxing service:

Key Features:

  • No limit on file storage. Users can use HelloFax without worrying about common storage problems.
  • With HelloFax, you can send a fax to numerous recipients simultaneously.
  • The integration with Google Suite is seamless and hassle-free.
  • Has a convenient syncing option where users are allowed to sync their faxes with numerous storage providers such as OneDrive, Evernote, and Dropbox.
  • There is an option of configurable routing.
  • A useful option where users can send faxes internationally, to over 70 countries.

Perhaps the most important feature of HelloFax is its ability to support electronically signed documents. The primary reason for incorporating this feature into work is the intention to be a more sustainable brand. HelloFax aims to remove the concept of using paper in faxing situations. The idea is to give people the opportunity to sign documents and fax them without printing them out on paper.

Although HelloFax faces tough competition from eFax in the electronic signatures regard, it can be said without a doubt that the former’s way of handling processes is better. However, one major drawback of HelloFax is its lack of mobile integration.

Since HelloFax does not offer a smartphone application, users cannot sign in and fax documents through a tablet or smartphone. Thus, the exceptional feature of electronic signing becomes hindered by its inability to support mobile phones.

Nevertheless, HelloFax is a fantastic faxing service in terms of features and prices. It offers some of the very best plans, as compared to other fax companies in the market.

HelloFax: Offers of Another Kind

Previously, we had catered to answering the ‘what is hellofax’ question. Moving on, here are a few of its plans and offers that can be availed by users at all times.

  • The Home Office:  This plan requires you to pay $9.99/month and provides 300 fax pages per month.
  • The Professional: At $19.99 per month, you can get your hands on 500 pages for 30 days.
  • The Small Business: By paying out a total of $39.99 each month, you can avail about 1000 pages till month-end.
  • Enterprise Plan:  The most advanced out of all plans offered, HelloFax does not provide a specific price on this offer. This plan is consumer-centric- you can customize it according to your own needs and preferences. To get a quote, you can give a call to the team of HelloFax.

Additionally, HelloFax also offers a free plan. You can avail of these premium faxing services for free but, this plan will only serve a purpose if you fax-less often. If you have a one-time need of faxing or don’t have much to fax- this plan is good to go.

But, a heads up: This plan only allows you to send faxes but you would not be able to receive any. Plus, this plan only includes 5 pages overall, and thus, these will probably fall short, until and unless you are only working for a one-time fax need.

However, the good part is that all of Hellofax plans come with a 30-day free trial. So, you don’t have to be worried about a lost investment.

The Pros:

So far, we have discussed the key features of HelloFax, its unbeatable plans that come at great prices. To further strengthen your faith in this faxing service, listed below are some of the biggest benefits of choosing this company.

  • Easy Access: With such a smooth integration between Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, you can easily send, retrieve and manage faxes from the cloud.
  • No Paper Involved: When you receive a fax, it is sent as a PDF. If you want to send a fax yourself, just upload the file, but the file number and press on send. No paper is involved in the process and the work is done just as smoothly!
  • Safe & Secure: Most people are afraid to use these online faxing services due to the fear of an information leak. When using HelloFax, there is no reason to worry as there is no paper involved. Thus, no sensitive information can be leaked. Additionally, every communication is encrypted to ensure a safer process.

Final Verdict

In short, HelloFax is one of the most popular faxing services of today. Sure, other companies are thriving equally well. But, HelloFax has seemingly gotten an edge over the others due to its backing by Google Services. Moreover, the excellent quality services also add to Hellofax being more popular and renowned in the market.Hence, if you’re looking to try out online faxing services, give HelloFax a shot. From safety to ease of use, there’s nothing you would miss out on.