While social media is all about having a skincare regimen these days, a good night’s sleep is key to getting that glass skin. If you’re having trouble sleeping, you might want to consider the reasons behind this insomnia.

For some, the reason for not sleeping well could be stress or other life changes. However, others may just be missing out on their beauty sleep due to a poor mattress. Believe it or not, a good quality mattress plays a crucial role in the quality of sleep. It is imperative to have the best mattress for your bed. But what is best mattress brand?

In this article, we have made a list of the best mattress brands out there, including their features and top selling points.


Made and manufactured in the U.S, the products from Helix serve as the real solution for your sleeping problems. With a customized feature to develop mattresses according to the individual’s liking, Helix has become a renowned mattress brand across the globe.

It gives a sleep quiz to test your temperature, comfort level, firmness level, support elements, and other criteria. After determining your preferences, Helix will be able to design a bed in a box that would be made to cater to your preferences. What a brilliant way of winning customers, isn’t it?

Here are some of the key features of Helix mattresses:

  • A unique memory foam to lessen pressure
  • Micro coils are wrapped separately to enhance airflow
  • A dynamic foam for proper cushioning
  • Has a sleek, thin design


More often than not, Casper has been regarded as one of the best mattresses of all time. The top cover consists of a thick polyester material that keeps the mattress firm.  You even have the option of unzipping it fully to clean it up.

The other layer is made of latex-like foam with the perfect kind of resistance. With this foam in play, you will be able to feel comfortable and at ease in your bed. Additionally, the mattress also has certain cooling properties that keep your body from becoming too warm.

The third and inner layer consists of a support made of polyfoam. It is developed in the best possible way, just right to suit your body. For instance, it is comfortable beneath your shoulders, and steady under your hips. An ideal combination, right?

Listed down below are some of the most important features of the Casper mattress:

  • High quality and comfort
  • A free delivery system
  • They even take it back if you decide to return it
  • Sleep trial for 100 nights

Amerisleep AS3

One of the highest-rated mattresses of all time, the Amerisleep AS3 has continued to remain a popular choice amongst consumers. The mattress cover is infused with the best mix of ground reactive minerals. This may sound unauthentic, but the Food and Drug Administration Authority has verified the brand to be “Celliant fiber”- one that ensures quality sleep.

The main idea of Celliant fiber is to boost the oxygenation of the body. Simply put, it increases the flow of oxygen to your lungs and also aids in maintaining a stable body temperature. Amerisleep has a unique Bio-Pur memory foam that is comparatively more breathable than standard foam.

Here are some of the brand’s selling features:

  • Special support for shoulder and back
  • Trial for 100 nights
  • A total warranty of 20 years
  • A plant-based foam to be more sustainable

Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Cloud Supreme Breeze

Well-known and reputable, the Tempur Pedic provides consumers with mattresses that help in improving sleep through the night. It is made with the best quality materials that suit the weight and body type of the individual.

The top part of the mattress consists of a light fabric that allows people to sleep on a soft and comfortable surface. Although the company hasn’t provided details about its foundation layers, most foam is of medium and high density.

Each layer consists of a combination of several cooling properties. These properties then work together to make an easy sleeping experience for sleepers. Some key features of the mattress are listed down below:

A 90 nights trial

Total warranty of 10 years

A financing offer for buyers

Delivery service includes setting up mattress at home as well

Your Turn:

If you have been wondering ‘what is the best mattress brand,” we hope you have got your answer. Listed above are companies, homes to some of the most high-quality mattresses of all time. At present, if you are considering the switch to another type of mattress, we’d recommend you peruse some of the options listed above.

However, before getting down to the real survey, make a list of your requirements, preferences, and total budget. This will give you a heads up and help in making a much more informed decision. Best of luck!