Are you familiar with Tumblr – if you are then you must be fully aware of what is Tumbex and the connection between Tumblr and Tumbex? In case you are not, read along to know about Tumbex and how it is essential to know about it if you want to be successful on Tumblr.

Tumblr is a platform that allows its users to publish their blogs and photographs all on one platform for quick and easy access. Tumblr blogs are of high quality and they need high resolution to be viewed whether from smartphones or computers or any other smart device. Here, the question arises of how Tumbex is linked with Tumblr? Let us discuss all of that and more in detail.

What is Tumbex?

Tumbex is an exceptionally popular and user-friendly blog posting aggregation service specifically for Tumblr that will allow its users to view the blogs, pictures, and all the other stuff on the website to be accessed easily on one spot.

Tumbex lets you enjoy all your favorite Tumblr memes, blogs, photos, and videos directly on your computer, and cellphone, and that too in high quality.

Tumbex rose to fame because of its easy-to-use interface along with its great results. It also provides a lot of different functions to its users in order to help them in saving their precious time and keep their blogs and other posts organized in one spot. It also helps in maintaining the Tumblr hidden content which is very private and confidential, secret.

What are the Main Features of Tumbex?

Tumbex is an app that is known to aggregate Tumblr blogs. It allows its users an easy interface for accessing Tumblr blogs by allowing them to create separate Tumbex accounts that will give them access to various shareable videos, memes, and photos while using various social media platforms.

Tumbex offers a variety of unique and different features. One of the most prized features is that it allows the users to retrieve Tumblr hidden content as well.

There are a variety of features that Tumbex offers that work specifically on mobile browsers. Tumbex app is compatible with all kinds of laptops, iPhones, Android devices, and Windows 10.

Is Tumbex really popular?

The popularity of Tumbex can be calculated by its huge following on its social media platforms. There are more than 1 million users of Tumbex.

The Tumbex app allows access to different Tumblr stuff available all over Tumblr by different bloggers in the form of text messages, photos, blogs, memes, etc.

Tumbex rose to fame when people came to know its hidden and unique feature of retrieving the old hidden Tumblr content which is inaccessible even from the main Tumblr website.

Apart from the access to the lost content, there are a lot of features that Tumbex offers which make it an ultimate favorite among the online community which is known to be media-savvy.

For instance, Tumbex allows its users to view and even share photos, memes, and videos with their friends without worrying about being online at the same time. It can save you from embarrassment if you are online at odd times but don’t feel like interacting with any of your friends. Yes, you can use the app with complete anonymity.

One of the most popular features of Tumbex is that it offers a large number of effects and filters which enables its users to create interactive and stunning posts for their different social media platforms.

Are Tumbex and Tumblr the same?

No. Tumbex and Tumblr are not the same. Tumbex is known to be a website that actually collects and later on preserves the Tumblr blogs even when they are long gone from the official website.

At times, you want to re-read your favorite Tumblr blog but it has disappeared from the official website. Tumbex allows its users to access the long gone Tumblr blogs as long as the real owner or the Tumblr blogger has not deleted them. That is if it has been hidden by the blogger or by the Tumblr website, it is still accessible.

Tumbex is known to be a one-stop-shop for everything that is available on the official website of Tumblr. It has unique streamlined navigation and of course, a perfectly accessible design that enables the user to access the Tumblr content easily.

How to access Tumbex?

Access to Tumbex is very easy. All you need to do is create an account on Tumbex which you can easily create and later on share content with your friends and fans.

This account will help you archive all the Tumblr photos, videos, memes, blogs, posts, text messages, and a lot of other memories safe for life.

One of the unique features of Tumbex is that it allows you to print your memories and photos in different sizes and you can order these copies to keep them safe with you forever.

You can always share these memories and photos with your family and friends. This saves a lot of time and money as the interface is easy to use.

Tumbex is an online platform that is absolutely free. After creating an account, the users can easily share, view, and comment on the uploaded videos and photos while also sharing the links to all of these files.

Benefits of Tumbex

Tumbex is a totally innovative and new way of experiencing digital content like photos, videos, blogs, memes, etc. in a different way.

When you use Tumbex, you can comfortably access the Tumblr content without appearing online on the official platform. This way without using the official Tumblr website, you can access high-quality pictures, funny memes, and videos on the main website.

Many wonder whether Tumbex gets affected by the new added safe mode on the Tumblr website, as Tumbex largely depends upon the content coming from Tumblr.

Tumblr started its digital journey in 2007 and since then has been one of the most popular platforms among users to share all kinds of content. Is Tumblr safe to upload controversial and sensitive content?

Well, this has been a question amongst the minds of bloggers for the longest time but the truth is up till now Tumblr has maintained its stance on providing its users a safe platform for expressing themselves.

But to completely deal with the sensitive content declaration war, the safe mode toggle button recently disappeared from Tumblr. Tumblr still works on safe mode as well.

Safe mode of Tumblr

Safe mode is a staple feature of Tumblr. Millions of Tumblr users upload their content on the website on a daily basis and most of the content is unsupervised.

Tumblr has started to scan out the site for sensitive and at times inappropriate content uploaded on the website.

After finding out how to turn off safe mode Tumblr, users found out the feature was not working. It made users be in permanent safe mode resulting in prohibiting the bloggers from accessing their blogs of sensitive blogs and content.

How to turn off safe mode Tumblr?

Safe mode is automatically enabled on a user’s account if the age is under 18 and there is no way to disable it. For the other accounts here are ways of how to turn off Tumblr safe mode from both computers and mobile phones.

How to turn off Tumblr safe mode from the computer?

  • Open up your browser
  • Now go to the official website of Tumblr
  • You will have to log in to the website which will appear in the middle of the screen
  • Now enter your email address and tap on the Next button
  • Type in your password to log in to Tumblr
  • After you have logged in, you will be directed toward your dashboard
  • Start browsing
  • You will come across a link that will be an unsafe blog and the safe mode warning will pop up in front of you
  • There click on the unsafe blog and click on the option “view this Tumblr”
  • The blog will be loaded once again and you will be able to view it

The bad thing is that you will always have to go through this tiring process every time you come across a flagged post or blog.

The process is almost similar on cell phones. Another way to access these flagged posts is through Tumbex.

Is Tumbex the perfect platform?

If you want to access the Tumblr content without logging in to the official website, then Tumbex is the perfect platform for you.

Even though the platform is relatively new, it offers so many features to the users which are not directly available to the Tumblr users.

There are many drawbacks of Tumbex as well so it is totally up to the user to decide whether to use Tumbex to access Tumblr content or not.

Tumbex aggregates Tumblr content which is on the official website only from the verified accounts.


Tumbex is an app that does not offer anything out of the box for the Tumblr content apart from the access to the hidden content as well as the archived content tools.

Tumbex is one of the best choices available on the internet which will offer you a comprehensive solution and enjoy all the digital content available on Tumblr.

Hope this answers your query about what is Tumbex and helps you find another alternative platform to access Tumblr content without logging in to the official website.