Being inspired and looking up to someone comes in many ways and facets, especially if the personality you look up to is your guidance for your career. Elon Musk is an inspiration to thousands of people throughout the world due to his entrepreneurial values and futuristic outlook to his goals. This is probably why people want to know what phone does Elon Musk use because an important accessory approved by your inspirational personality goes a long way for people.

So, if you wonder or if you have ever thought what phone satisfies or fulfills Musk’s standards, know that you are not the only one to think so. Almost anybody who finds themselves fascinated or even a little interested in the personality of Musk are likely also interested in what phone he likes to use.

In Musk’s biography titled ‘Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future’ written by business columnist Ashlee Vance, he writes that Musk uses an iPhone. Which iPhone in particular, or if he is a staunch believer in updating with every model is unclear and not confirmed. But it is mentioned in the books that Musk uses an iPhone.

Something that can help you make sure of this theory is Musk’s Twitter use. Maybe not directly, but there is a sneaky loophole that allows you to get to this conclusion. Twitter has a feature, apparently to no one’s benefit, that shows which device a person is tweeting from, below almost all tweets. And several of Musk’s tweets say ‘Twitter for iPhone’ below his tweets.

The above tweet is from just a few days ago and it shows that the app was used on an iPhone. The reason behind Twitter’s feature is more ambiguous and not really clear, but it lets people know your particular device in use. It shows Twitter for Android or Twitter for Desktop when people are using those particular devices.

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Apart from these references, Musk has on multiple occasions referred to or talked about Apple products, namely the iPad or iPhone, which all drive the same conclusion. If you try to have the Android vs Apple debate with the billionaire, he’s going to be on the fruit side. For those who are moved or inspired by Elon Musk, you finally have your answer with multiple references to it as well.

If you are wondering about his phone number, that is something that is not made public knowledge and for good reason. Often celebrities leave their emails or other contact options for their fans, but once you have been the face of this many controversies, on top of the scope of your work, it is safe to keep it under wraps. Wondering ‘what phone does Elon Musk use’ can be replaced or changed with any celebrity or public figure’s name. Fans often get inspired by and take after their favorite celebrities, Elon Musk is just one of the many popular names in today’s time.