The Covid-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on our lives. From day-to-day activities to large scale operations, the norm has changed. But, is it only for the worse?

Contrary to popular belief, the pandemic has enforced a positive and upward trend, specially in the digital domain. In fact, the International Data Corporation suggests a potential increase in the spending allocated to digital transformation. Given this trend, it is a great time to invest in stocks. But what stocks to buy in face of such uncertainty in the air?

Thus, in order to facilitate your decision-making process, we have added details about two companies that look like good long-term investments.


Databases are a crucial part of software applications. From efficiently storing information to easily accessing it, these data models are the heart of such apps. Back in the day, these systems were based on a ‘relational model’, where the data was put together in rows and columns.

Unfortunately, most of the data that is generated today is not fit for the traditional setup. In such a case, there has been an increasing dearth of more modern and tailored databases. MongoDB was smart enough to fill the gap in the market by introducing its “document model”, which allows users to store data in unstructured forms.

Resultantly, you don’t have to sit around and waste time by reformatting the data again and again. With everything in order, you are ultimately bound to be more efficient and productive in your work tasks. Thus, the document model put forth by MongoDB has become a hit amongst the masses. It is regarded as one of the key drivers for the company’s exceptional growth.

Additionally, its growth can also be attributed to MongoDB Atlas, the official database of the company as an offered service. If clients do choose this product, they’d be able to effectively avoid the management of infrastructure.

If we are to view the current market potential, MongoDB seems like a viable investment as companies will boost their search attempts for a modern database. Hence, you can take your shot with MongoDB!

Teladoc Health

As the name suggests, Teladoc is a company focused on providing the best healthcare solutions. It connects with numerous health plans, employers and health systems and brings in the revenue through subscription access fees.

Teladoc Health provides users with a myriad of different services that include wellness, mental health, acute care and the effective management of chronic diseases. Last year, the influx of coronavirus disease proved to be a great source of benefit for the company.

This benefit was primarily due to the increasing popularity of telehealth services throughout the country. According to data extracted by the company, there was a rise in U.S paid memberships and Teladoc’s platform experienced nearly 10.6 million visits; a 156% increase from 2019.

From a more holistic perspective, Teladoc has always seemed to maintain a good top-line performance. If we consider future trends, Teladoc is likely to grow even more. The concept of telehealth services is becoming more and more prevalent due to its convenience.

Thus, if you are contemplating the decision of what stocks to buy, investment in Teladoc Health can prove to be a true win-win situation.

The Choice is Yours:

For some, investing in the middle of a pandemic may sound bizarre and irrelevant. However, these circumstances may just prove to be ideal for you. Hence, before you miss this potential opportunity, check out these stocks and take your shot. You may just end up earning a whole lot of profit!