In the world of Netflix, Disney Plus, and Hulu, rarely anyone watch the cable channels anymore. These streaming services provide a vast range of movies, TV shows, and cartoons for their audience to choose from, however, they come with high subscription fees that not everyone can afford.

Wouldn’t it be better if there was a free alternative to enjoy all the movies? Well, from what websites can I watch free movies?

The following list contains the top ten websites to watch free movies or even shows. So, now you don’t have to worry about monthly subscription fees that eat up your budget and enjoy your weekends at home.

1. Popcornflix

If you are into thrillers, comedies, and horror movies then Popcornflix is the site for you. It provides a huge library of TV Series and movies to select from. However, you would have to tackle a few ads to be able to enjoy the free content. So, if you’re not a patient person then this site might not be for you even though it provides a vast variety of choices.

2. Kanopy

Kanopy not only gives you access to the latest movies but also has a wide range of classic movies to choose from. So, if you are more of a vintage person, then this site got you covered. Kanopy provides you premium content at your home with no price attached to it. However, to access Kanopy, your university should be connected to it.

3. Crackle

Crackle is one of our top suggestions for watching free movies online. It is retained by Sony so if you are a user you will be able to enjoy a lot of free content. It gives you the option to turn on the notifications that give you regular updates about any new shows and films.

4. Vimeo

Vimeo is a streaming service similar to YouTube, which provides anyone in the world to post videos, clips, or even films. Hence, it isn’t the primary source of movies but still contains a lot of short films that are available for free in high quality.

5. IMDb TV

IMDb is widely known to provide information such as summaries, ratings, and reviews for TV Shows, movies, video games, and much more. However, IMDb TV provides you a free platform to stream movies and TV shows. Just like any other streaming service, it runs its ads that you would have to tackle.