You might have many queries if you are considering a home birth. What are the safety risks and advantages? How to select a midwife? Am I making the right choice?

Well, you don’t need to worry because we have the guide planned for you so you can make an improved decision.

Most of the women opt for home birth to refrain from the hassle of finding the right hospital and a trustworthy gynecologist. However, the delivery process and experience differ entirely in a home setting as compared to that of a hospital. Your reason for choosing home birth would vary, however, the following facts will help you make contemplate if it is the right choice.

Under what conditions can you opt for Home Birth?

Homebirth is more commonly recommended to women who face no health hazards with them and their baby being in decent health. This may occur when you don’t suffer from any prevailing medical conditions such as high blood pressure, heart diseases, etc. Anything could cause a complication in your pregnancy and would require supervision from a doctor.

According to doctors, if someone is expecting twins or triplets, it is not recommended to deliver their babies in a home setting as it can cause complications and demand medical assistance. Also, women facing labor before or after their due date are recommended to deliver in a hospital.

It would also be wise to only consider home birth if you live close to a hospital so you can access it in case of emergency.

The advantages and comfort of having childbirth in your home

The biggest comfort is the fact that you will be surrounded by your friends and family which is not allowed in a hospital. You’re not only saved from the huge expenses of a hospital but also have more control over birth decisions. It decreases the risk of vaginal or perineal tears at a third or fourth degree. It has also been stated by doctors that homebirth lowers the risk of maternal infections.

The safety hazards to contemplate

Due to the lack of professional doctors around, there are chances of neonatal seizures, perinatal deaths, or even a neurologic dysfunction. Even if you live nearby a hospital, due to the sensitivity of the case you can’t risk losing any time and the transport to the hospital can lose considerable time.

Almost 35% of the parents who initially opted for homebirth were eventually transferred to a hospital to ensure safety and reduce any risks. Furthermore, in the case of home birth, the alternatives for reducing labor pain also decrease.