As soon as the news came in about WhatsApp updating its privacy policy – a lot of people started to highlight the fact that the popular messaging and voice over IP app is no longer the same. There are rumors that as per the new policy of the company, it will be using the personal data, information, videos, messages, and pictures of its customers for various purposes. 

WhatsApp Clarification: Privacy Policy UpdateWhatsApp has been silent for the past few days and it appears that the company has been enjoying all the attention it has been getting from users, prominent personalities as well as world leaders. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan recently announced that he will not be using the messaging app. Moreover, Elon Musk also asked his followers to switch to Signal – an app similar to WhatsApp but with a better privacy policy.

Privacy Policy UpdateHowever, WhatsApp recently issued a clarification that the new update is not going to affect the users in any way. The company also clarified that it will not be sharing its users’ data with Facebook or any other company.

According to Will Cathcart, head of WhatsApp, the company has no intention to spy on its users, read their conversations, or view their videos/pictures. Will further stressed the fact that the company will not be sharing any access to data with Facebook.

WhatsApp may have arrived late to the party as the internet is already flooded with memes and rumors around its allegedly controversial privacy policy update. But now that the company has issued a clarification, people should remain calm and continue using WhatsApp, because they will enjoy the same level of privacy they had before.

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Jerry Hodges
3 months ago

I’ve been a user of Whatsapp for a long time and so pleased that finally, a “Tech” company of sorts is standing up to its original promises & especially not sharing with Facebook, etc which I’ve cancelled my acct, Don’t cause me to do the same; Whatsapp?