Whether you are a potential seller, just doing your research, or if you are a current employee trying to find out how Amazon pays people, who work with them. You’re not the first one to wonder so. There are some commonly asked questions such as ‘when does Amazon pay’ etc. that are asked on the internet now and then.

This small Amazon pay guide will help you to get answers to your questions regarding payment procedures by Amazon. The procedure sure is different for different people associated with Amazon, such as if you are an employee or if you are a seller on their e-commerce platform. Some commonly asked questions are those answered below.

Does Amazon pay monthly?

Payment policies depend on companies, and they can vary based on those terms too. Some companies offer monthly compensation, while others keep it a shorter weekly cycle, but it all depends upon the company that operates the functions. For Amazon, it serves well to keep the group of employees and sellers separate, as it has different policies for both.


Employees at Amazon are not paid on a monthly basis. It might have been an older policy once, but now, it does not hold, as no payments are made on a monthly basis.


The one commonality between employees and sellers in terms of payment from Amazon might be the fact that none of them are paid monthly. Both their schedules are different, based on the hourly pay.

Does Amazon pay weekly?

Amazon’s overall payment plan does base on a weekly system but differently for employees and sellers. Employees on Amazon’s payroll are paid on a weekly basis. Here’s all you need to know about it.


Currently, as reported by Indeed too, all Amazon employees are paid their due salary on a weekly basis. This includes employees on all levels and departments of work. This isn’t an old policy, as their previous one paid all working staff for Amazon on either a monthly or bi-weekly basis.

This relatively newer change in the payment policy however didn’t face much criticism from employees, as changes that alter from the regular course of work tend to affect people. There is a specific special case in every situation, however, and in Amazon’s payments, it’s the location or region of your employment.

Under different locations, geography, or policies of your own bank (as the employee), etc. matters can vary from the weekly payment policy. A highly suitable option to discover is to get in touch with employees in your own local area to check with them first hand not just the policy, but how efficient Amazon’s employment structure is there. In another scenario, you can also directly contact Amazon online for any questions, regarding pay or otherwise.

The policy also may include some other components of when you start getting your first paychecks, despite payment cycles. For example, you could have a weekly payment cycle based on Amazon’s policy, but the first payment might have a barrier of at least 2 weeks to ensure employee commitment, etc.

Does Amazon pay weekly or biweekly?

We already discussed in detail how the weekly payments work and for whom in specific. Employees working with Amazon get their payments made weekly, no matter the department or the level of their employment.

However, if you are wondering ‘when does Amazon pay’, the sellers that use Amazon’s platform to sell their products have a different payment policy, and it works in biweekly cycles. Here’s all you need to know about it.


Selling with Amazon works way differently than being employed at Amazon for many obvious and other some not-so-obvious reasons. According to Amazon’s website, more than half the products sold at Amazon are by independent sellers instead of Amazon itself. And the selling also has a wide scope, it’s not just limited to B2C selling as most e-commerce platforms do.

Amazon is a place where people can explore and experiment with their brands, startups, independent third-party sellers can thrive and so can re-sellers. The best part about working with Amazon is not having to worry about the logistics of your business, which takes off a huge burden when you’re running a business. The Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) features you get as a seller help you focus entirely on other core aspects of your business, and leave the customer service, shipping, refunds, or returns all to Amazon. 

All this to say that Amazon is a great platform for sellers, in addition to their payment policy for sellers. After you make an account on Amazon with the intent to sell, all the sales from that account accumulate together, and you receive the payments on a biweekly basis. This means your payment is not bound to the standard pay dates in a month, but rather to the day and date you first signed up on the platform.

A key thing to remember here is that, according to the seller contract of Amazon, your payment does have a waiting period of up to 7-days from your promised delivery date. It is to ensure the successful delivery of your product to the customer. In addition, payments also might be on hold when you edit or change the information on your seller account. With all this in mind, you can expect to receive your payments every 2 weeks.

How long before an Amazon paycheck arrives?

The days of salary payment on Amazon are different, but there is also a processing period that is required in between payments, and you receive that pay. Usually, both employees and sellers receive their pay approximately 3-5 business days after their payment is approved. There can be requests made on behalf of sellers, for early payments or some special cases where half of the paycheck is received earlier. But these requests have the same probability of being accepted or denied.

In terms of how the payments are made, it depends on both regions of the Amazon office and the employee or seller’s own preference. There are two options you can opt for, either direct deposit or getting a physical check delivered. Either way, you receive the payment in more or less the same period of time, with a little margin here and there. It depends upon your own preference from there onwards, whether you want the payment directly in your bank account or chooses to have a check that you can cash or deposit in your account as well.

In conclusion to our guide on ‘when does Amazon pay’, the policy differentiates between sellers and employees, paying the former, biweekly, and the latter, weekly. The payments are prone to go through a procedure that takes an additional 3-5 business days to process before it reaches you.