You must be asking this question that when did the PS5 come out, but to your surprise, it is set to release on November 12th. The advance booking for PS5 started on September 17th. With the console in the news lately, people are curious about the specs and the price of the latest console by Sony.

There are many rumors about its look but now Sony has denied all the rumors and told about its release date and its specs. We were thinking that PS4 has all the features that we need and what will be new in PS5 but after reading its specs it is worth buying.

Here are some PS5 specs and accessories:-

The specs of the PlayStation 5 are given as follows:

There are two versions of this PlayStation, one is the regular version and the other is the digital version. The digital version will not support the discs but the gaming experience will be the same in both the version.

  • It will be backward compatible with PS4 and PSVR games.
  • It will be able to support 8K graphics and ray tracing
  • You can place this PlayStation both vertically and horizontally.
  • It has two colors which are white and black.
  • The PS5 is said to be big but it looks elegant.

The PlayStation 5 will have the following accessories:

  • A dual sense charging station that will charge the two controllers.
  • The internal SSD which is the most requested feature will provide you with 100 times faster speed and now you do not have to wait for the load screens
  • It will provide you with very fast streaming.
  • It is also said that you can also expand its storage.
  • It will have an HD camera.
  • The PS5 will have a media remote.
  • A plus 3D wireless headset so we can enjoy the new PS5’s 3D audio.
  • A next-generation console.

New controller and a controller stand. Now Sony has replaced the Dual Shock controller with the dual sense controller which will provide us with a more evolved sense of touch and more realistic experience. It has a better grip, small size, and lightweight.

PlayStation 5 release date and price

Sony now officially confirmed the PS5 release date which is November 12 in countries like the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Mexico, and South Korea. But the other countries of the world will be able to get it after a week on November 19.

Now the other question is about its price and there were different speculations about PS5 price but now it is confirmed.

  • The standard edition of the console will cost $499.
  • While the digital edition of the console will cost $399.

All about games

The most asked question about PS5 is that whether we will be able to play games of PS4 on PS5. The games on which it is written that only playable on PS4 cannot be played on PS5. It is said that most of the games of PS4 are playable on PS5 on day one. now you will be thinking that how you can transfer PS4 games to PS5 and the answer is simple.

You can transfer by connecting consoles through Wi-Fi and LAN cables or you can transfer by storing the PS4 games in a USB drive and we can bring these games with the help of that USB drive. These games include the last of us part 2 and Ghost of Tsushima. Here are some advantages of playing PS4 games on PS5:

  • The titles of the PS4 games will look better in PlayStation 5.
  • There will be an increase in loading speeds in the PS5 console.

Why should you buy PS5 if you already have a PS4?

Here are some reasons that you should buy PS5 despite you have a PS4: If you are a gamer then you will know that it will give a different kind of satisfaction to you when you will buy a brand new gaming console. As an early adapter, you must move to next-generation gaming as soon as possible, and this PS5 will give you a head start. This gaming console will have better speed, graphics, accessories, realistic experience, and it has many more new games to offer.