You are not the only one who wants to buy a pet monkey. These cuddly and cute small monkeys attract many animal lovers. These creatures sometimes prove to be as intelligent as humans. However, various important factors should be considered before you start looking for, where to buy a pet monkey from.

You have to be very careful while purchasing a monkey

This animal might look very adorable and cuddly, but you must be very cautious while thinking about getting one. This intelligent and strong-willed animal might land you in trouble or might not be the pet you were expecting.

Even though monkeys tend to be very loyal and affectionate companions for up to 20 years if properly raised, it is a big responsibility to adopt a monkey. It is very time-consuming and costly, which makes it a challenging experience. There are several ordinances and laws with which you must comply before choosing your favorite pet monkey. You have to start with state law, and then shift to county laws and end with city ordinances.

Your state decides if you can buy a pet monkey or not

You Can Buy A Pet Monkey Or Not

Whether you can adopt a monkey or not also depends on where you live. Monkeys are allowed to be sold and purchased in Alabama, Illinois, Kansas, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, South Carolina, Washington, Wisconsin, Arkansas, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia, and West Virginia. There are no restrictions in these states on buying pet monkeys.

The Procedure of legally gaining permission

The enforcement officer from the department of state that handles wildlife and fish should be contacted. He/she should be requested about the animal ordinances of the state.

You must also review the laws of your county. There are animal control offices in many counties. Gain knowledge about the animal ordinances of your county. Keep in mind that you must go through the laws, and your questions are simple enough.

Then, the list contacting prohibited species should be reviewed while going through the laws. This way, you can find out which primates are not allowed. Sometimes monkeys are allowed by higher primates; for instance, apes aren’t.

Then discover if zoning laws permit you to use your property to keep your pet monkey. You might need to fulfill the ordinance of home owner’s in your respective city. Then you will have to attain proper licenses for those laws that apply to you.

Where to Buy a Pet Monkey

f Legally Gaining Permission to buy pet monkey

Buying a monkey is trickier than buying a cat or dog, where we visit some local stores of pet and select the breed. Monkeys are animals of the jungle that are not entirely domesticated. Even experienced breeders might face difficulty in handling them. You must always choose the authorized dealers for buying a pet monkey. These dealers are also listed online. You can visit your local zoo for these purposes and request their offices for this purpose.

Where to buy a pet monkey online

Buy A Pet Monkey Online

It is advised that you should see the monkeys’ pictures first, and later you go and pick up the monkey from the owner. We have a few websites for you to help you find a pet monkey. Some websites on the Internet provide the services of selling a monkey to people who want to pet them. Some of these sites are listed below:


Occasionally, this site has listed primate breeders and monkeys along with the contact information. By using this site, you can find monkeys who live near your residence. They have also put classified ads and pictures of the featured monkeys for sale.


This website has monkey listings with pictures, contact information, prices, and more. Additionally, there is a sidebar, which gives you information about the particular housing and diet. There is also a section that retails treats, toys, and food for your pets.


This website sells capuchin and marmosets monkeys. They sell cages as well and contain all information about how one should take care of their monkeys.