The Corona Viruses are a group of Viruses that have Ribonucleic Acid (RNA) as its genetic material and end up causing various Respiratory, neurological, and gastrointestinal disorders not only in humans but also in certain animals. There are 6 different types of human Corona Viruses identified by scientists.

How dangerous is Covid 19?

The COVID-19 is also a Corona Virus that has RNA as its genetic material. The Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) was first discovered and identified in Wuhan, China, and was recognized as an infectious disease that can pass from one person to another, mainly through respiratory or saliva droplets from an infected person coughing, sneezing, and talking, etc. around another person.

The vast majority who tested positive for the novel coronavirus, the COVID-19,  will encounter little to moderate difficulties and recuperate without needing much special treatment. People who are older and those with pre-existing medical conditions such as cardiovascular problems, diabetes, ongoing respiratory illness, and cancer are more susceptible to catching the virus and it becoming severe for them.

Which animal did the Corona Virus come from?

According to learned and leading scientists and virologists working and studying the origins of the Corona Virus, the virus originated from an animal although no one is certain which one. Most of the people who had been infected have been in contact with the animal markets in Wuhan, China, however, not all of them.

Teams of scientists from all over the world are working to find out that from which animal did the Corona Virus come from. Scientists have different theories about how it’s passed onto different animals and then perhaps onto humans. A theory suggests that someone consumed the infected animal that caused the virus to mutate from animals to humans.

There is strong evidence suggesting that the coronavirus originated in bats, but the journey it took to reach people cannot be retracted with certainty. Therefore, WHO has recently formed a team of epidemiologists, virologists, food scientists, and other professionals to carry out more in-depth study and research on the topics to reach the origins of this virus.

The said team consisting of professionals from all over the world and especially from China are conducting studies that were not possible earlier due to the lockdown situation, not only in Wuhan but the entire world. This new study will consist of not only the study of animals found and consumed in Wuhan but also the animals sold in the food markets as traces of the virus were found in the sewage and drainage of these markets as well, but not in the animals being sold there.

Although we are still learning about this particular virus, it appears that it can spread from people to animals in certain situations, especially after close contact of an animal with a person infected with COVID-19. However, the spread through animals like livestock and pets is minimal.

Can Covid 19 infect animals?

We realize that felines, canines, and other mammals can be contaminated with coronavirus, but we don’t yet know if the entirety of these animals can be affected by the virus. Reports of animals being infected with the virus have been received from all over the world. These did not only include pet and stray cats but also bigger species such as tigers and pumas that have tested positive for the virus. Other mammals also include links that were suspected to be infected by the staff that came to mind farmsAs more research is done on exactly which animal did the coronavirus come from and new information is unveiled, we must take all precautions and follow the SOPs that are set in place by the WHO and the state to deter the spread of this disease.