The global community is doing its best to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus while everyone waits for the vaccine to be available as soon as possible. However, until there is a long wait for the vaccine, doctors are trying to treat the patients with alternative drugs.

One of the major drugs that many medical practitioners are using is antiviral redeliver. This drug is beneficial to cure the symptoms of the virus within 10 days rather than taking its usual time of 2 weeks. However, the WHO has voted against the usage of this drug as it gives no prominent evidence to increase the survival rate, nor it has limited the use of ventilators. Moreover, the price of remdesivir is too high. It costs $2,470 for people with private insurance and around $2,340 for those who are on a government health program.

Apart from this, there are two other therapies as well. The US Food and Drug Administration has introduced the following therapies: Eli Lilly’s antibody-drug and convalescent plasma. Convalescent plasma is infusing the blood of the recovered Covid-19 patient into another patient. However, there are no proven pieces of evidence found regarding these therapies.

The Discovery of Tocilizumab, another anti-inflammatory drug, as a potential cure for Covid-19 patients has made things more confusing and difficult for the doctors. However, it is still a mystery if it will work or not, as many independent scientists are still researching its reliability.

After discovering this drug in the market, many doctors are now confused, if they must use it or not, Dr. Derek Angus from the University of Pittsburgh expressed. Agreeing to this notion, Dr. Rochelle Walensky, Chief of Infectious Disease at Massachusetts General Hospital added, until the National Institute of Health releases any guidelines regarding this, it would be difficult to approve it as standard care.

Apart from these drugs available in the market, there was another new drug introduced with the name of baricitinib. According to medical practitioners, when you add this drug with remdesivir, it cures Covid-19 symptoms earlier than 10 days.

Overall, the doctors and medical practitioners are still looking out for ways to treat the virus till an effective vaccine comes to the rescue.