Hope Hicks, an adviser to President of the U.S. Donald Trump, has reportedly contracted the coronavirus and tested positive. She had been traveling with Trump for the first presidential debate in Cleveland.

Hours after Ms. Hicks tested positive, Donald and Melania Trump also got tested for the virus. While waiting for the test results, they have decided to remain in quarantine.

Hours later, Trump in a tweet mentioned that he and first lady tested positive for the virus and that they will be starting their recovery process immediately. It has also been reported that the president does not wear a face mask and mocks those who emphasize on its importance.

These incidents are also raising doubts about reopening businesses and schools as even the White House officials are not safe from the virus.

Hicks recently appeared in a photo taken in Cleveland where she is not wearing a mask. Along with the presidential debate, she also traveled with the president to a rally in Minnesota with other senior aides in a confined space of Marine One.

According to Bloomberg, Hicks was reported to have symptoms of the coronavirus. However, Trump himself has been reported to be asymptomatic.

Hope Hicks, Donald Trump and First Lady Test COVID-19 Positive

Other White House officials have also been contracted the coronavirus and their results came back positive. Mike Pence’s press secretary also recently tested positive for the virus but has now recovered.

Hicks was also part of the President Trump’s first campaign back in 2015 as the communications director. However, she left her job shortly afterward and joined Fox News as a corporate executive.

This year, Hicks returned to work for the President’s current campaign and was appointed as an adviser. She has been a crucial part of Trump’s re-election communications strategy.

Judd Deere, who is the spokesperson for the White House, stated that the administration will be following strict preventative measures as guided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. She also added that the president is very cautious about the health and safety of everyone who works with him.

However, Trump has been criticized for holding multiple rallies, fundraisers, and other campaign events all across the country without the necessary safety precautions. None of the people present at the rallies were wearing masks or practicing social distancing.