Since January 2019, Kristi Noem has served as the governor of South Dakota.

Alongside her partner Bryon, the 50-year-old governor has 3 children: a boy named Booker, as well as two daughters, Kassidy and Kennedy.

Booker is not in the public eye, but her two daughters have been under the public eye. So, who are Kristi Noem’s daughters and why are they in the news?

Kassidy Noem-Peters

Kassidy Noem-Peters, Kristi Noem’s daughter, reportedly is wedded to Kyle Peters, a construction specialist at A1 Development Solutions downtown Sioux Falls, as per his LinkedIn page.

As per the Associated News, Kassidy is presently entangled in a controversy, an ongoing inquiry to see if her mother abused her power to help her daughter earn a statewide real estate appraiser’s certificate.

“I never asked for preferential privileges for Kassidy,” Kristi Noem tweeted on September 29, 2021.

Kassidy wasn’t the only one who suffered through this. The following are the factual statements: “I have been trying for years to change that system, and I signed a bill for that purpose this last session.” I have observed for years how tough it is to acquire an appraiser within South Dakota, leaving it challenging for South Dakotans to acquire a house.”

Adeline “Addie” West, Kassidy’s child, was conceived in June 2021.

Her Social media followers are frequently treated to photos of her household.

Her Twitter profile reads as follows: “And he died for all, so those who live could no longer live for themselves, but for him who died for them and rose again.” “2 Corinthians 5:15” is a verse from the Bible.

Kennedy Noem (Kennedy Noem)

Kennedy Noem serves for her mother as the head of finances.

Kennedy Noem of Nashville, Tennessee, seems to be a Belmont University alumni.

As per her LinkedIn profile, she previously dabbled in politics, along with an internship in Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s department, as well as a policy consultant and head of finances for her mom.

Her Twitter profile states, “We are never defeated unless we give up on God,” Reagan, Ronald.”