Ben Shapiro – the name says it all. He is a man with all the answers. Everything about him is polished and chic’. He gives you neat American vibes while assuring your senses with his smooth answers. He is an impeccable academic prodigy. At the mere age of 17 years; he became a nationally syndicated columnist in the United States of America.

His claim to fame at the tender age of 20 was his first book titled; Brainwashed: How Universities Indoctrinate America’s Youthmade him a hero among other young conservatives.

Benjamin Aaron Shapiro- a well-known media host and a conservative political commentator. He just published his eleventh book named How to destroy America in three easy steps”.  He argues gruesomely about the dismissal of Judeo-Christian values and Greek tradition which led to individualism and subjectivism in the west’s political and social malaise particularly in America.

Shapiro writes columns in Newsweek, AMI magazine, and Creators Syndicate and also as the editor emeritus for the Ben Shapiro – a true radical conservative at heart: which he founded himself.

Ben Shapiro is a conservative at heart who calls a spade- a spade. He is a classic religious-conservative who is very vocal about his thoughts; hence a commentator. According to Shapiro; transgender people are suffering from a “mental disorder” and are highly against same-sex marriages and same-sex couples raising children. Shapiro strongly supports an abortion ban. He instigates that the doctors who perform abortion should be prosecuted and refers to the ladies who abort their child as “baby killers”. He calls abortion a violent act.

He even called Trump an Islamophobic while conducting an interview with Anne McElvoy for the Economist Asks podcast. He supported Ted Cruz in the 2016 presidential election while opposing the candidacy of Donald Trump.

Shapiro discusses western values and amalgamates them with freedom of speech. According to him, society is decaying because the balance is being disturbed between the values and the new counterintuitive.

He further supports his arguments by stating that there were certain fundamental principles established by the Judeo-Christian value systems. unfortunately, they are diminishing from society hence everything is becoming quite ugly.

Ben Shapiro inculcates the idea; that all the civilizations which discard Judeo-Christian values always end up being diminished or land themselves in dark places.

Shapiro supports and praises western culture and western civilization whenever and wherever possible. He believes that western civilization is superior to all the other civilizations in the world. According to him the anarchy situation and other issues have aroused because of meddling with the fundamentals of the western civilizations.

Back to basic is the solution to all the problems if Ben Shapiro is asked for a solution.