Travelling is fun, and when you’re young and free, there’s magic and a charm in every place you visit. All the beauty you capture with an extra skip of youth in your step is all the more unique.

The never-tiring energy and desire for more, make the experience of traveling a memorable event of life that makes you go down memory lane every time you sit with your grandchildren.

Have you traveled any country in your early days, as they pass? Who is the youngest person to travel to every nation, and what do we know about them?

Read the article to gain knowledge of the story of a young wanderer.

Has Anyone Travelled to Every Country in the World?

A few passionate men and women spend their lives searching for life in every corner of the planet Earth. It is mostly out of the thrill of adventure and peace rather than breaking world records or being famous.

We have a list of globetrotters in desire with a voyage that might make you question what you’re doing reading an article online and not stargazing with a fluffy panda in China.

Over twenty-four have traveled to every country in the world; some are as follows:

John Clouse

In Indiana, John, a resident of Evansville, was the first person to have been the most traveled man. In 1995, Guinness World Records recognized him for it.

Lani Shea

Lani, an inhabitant of California, was named the youngest to tour all seven continents in December 2003 when she was just 307 days old. Jeff and Novita, parents of Lea, said she was only two years and eight months old when she had traveled 100 countries of the world.

Indy Nelson

Indy lives in Hayward, California. She became the youngest person ever to travel all sovereign nations, including 193 UN member states, in 17 months and seven days.

Gunnar Garfors

Gunnar is a Norwegian nomad. One time stay for him isn’t enough, so he usually goes back to live it again. He is also to build a record to be the first person to visit every country of the world twice at a minimum. He has ten records in accordance with traveling.

Cassie de Pecol

Here is the part where we introduce you to controversy and an improper system of documentation.

We don’t know for sure which lady was the first to have broken the record of traveling the world first. However, most roads lead to Cassie. In 2017, she was confirmed to be the fastest woman to travel the world.

Now, however, Cassie is a subject of scrutiny and debate. She is the first lady “on record” to visit all sovereign countries in the world.

She holds two Guinness World Records in the department of travel.

The structure of publicity is weak, and that makes the records even harder to achieve.

It is a question to still get an answer if Cassie is the world’s youngest person to travel to every country or is it, Alexis Rose Alford. Follow the article to know more about Alexis.

Nellie Bly

Nellie, an American journalism pioneer, is known to travel worldwide, not in 80 but 72 days. That too, very publically. She went back in time in her transport modes too; train, rickshaw, horse, steamship, and donkey; she has been there and done it.

James Asquith

In 2013, James had won the designation of being the fastest to travel the whole world at 24.

Lexie Alford

Alexis Rose Alford is breaking the world record for being the youngest person to travel to every country. She has reached the goal of checking off 196 countries from all countries since before her twenty-first birthday.

From an early age, she has traveled to many places, from Dubai to Egypt and all the world’s numerous parts.

She realized at the coming age of eighteen that she had been to seventy-two countries and thought to take a year off high school and do what she actually loves.

How did Lexie afford to travel?

The most asked question might not be which countries she has explored or which she liked best, but the most frequent question asked is: how does Lexie afford all the traveling she does?

Here’s the answer to the question you are yearning to know.

Lexie has always traveled at her expense. She has hustled to travel on a low-budget, commencing her savings from the mere age of twelve.

She has done a few campaigns and brand deals from the age of twelve and penny by penny funded her trips along the way.

It does not hurt that their family owns a renowned travel agency known as Adventure Travel Inc.

The family business has been flourishing for over 30 years in California. Being the third generation to the family business, Lexie gets a lot of benefits and has been in a state today, another tomorrow from the day her life began.

She works three jobs even now to support her dreams. On most days, she’s starved and working on her dad’s construction job sites, painting or landscaping. She had done small jobs like sold beverages on a stand, mowed lawns, and all the grunt work.

Though, as she grew older, she got entranced with her mom’s side of the traveling business. At a point in time, she was an all-day airport chauffeur and a travel consultant.

Being a travel consultant had its perks that Lexie availed with both hands and more. She flew places frequently and guided IATA travel agent rates. She inspected sites and worked with many hard-working entrepreneurs.

When she traveled, she survived blogging and freelancing money. She sold photographs she captured and played with social media to get all the odds in her favor.

She lives with her parents, though, and has a car that her parents bought for her sixteenth birthday. So instead of spending on even necessities, she saved in that department too. Only in this way could she fill her thirst for tourism. She did pay her bills, though.

However, all she knows is a dream, a dream to fly. And that she does, she doesn’t see the money, but a belief that she will. And for that, she sacrifices everything: her high-school, her appetite, and a life of comfort or luxury.

She is a single lady without student loans dragging her down. When traveling, she stays nights in cheap motels and accommodations. She does not care about material possessions and is strictly against them; she works hard and earns it and maybe that’s why she has never owned a foreign SIM card too.

Now if that doesn’t show her struggle to achieve her goals then what does?

Who is Travel with Alexis?

Travel with Alexis is Lexie’s YouTube channel.

Lexie’s full name is Alexis Rose Alford, hence the channel name with her title of expertise attached.

Lexie flaunts her knowledge of being an adventure traveler, blogger, photographer, and YouTube personality. Her subscribers and followers eat it up and ask for more each time.

The hardworking young woman teaches never to hear a “non” and wait to receive your hard work’s fruit because in time she has learned, that you do get it. Her motivation is one her fans adore.

Where is Lexie Limitless From?

Lexie’s limitless is Lexie’s blog website and her username on Instagram. A native of Nevada City, Alexis Rose Alford was born on 10th April 1998.

She calls herself Lexie Limitless, and proudly so, for being the first woman to travel 196 countries in 21 years of age.

Her passion knows no bounds, and she has traveled forty-three African countries out of fifty-four, along with Forty-four out of fifty-three Asian countries. She has visited all but one Latin American and Caribbean country out of thirty-three. She has been to all twenty-nine Western European and twenty-three Eastern European countries and many more.

So it serves her username right, Lexie is limitless in her zest and dedication. There is little space on Earth that does not have markings of her footsteps.

Final Thoughts

We can learn a lot from Lexie, the youngest person to travel to every country. As she lives her dream at such a young age, going through hurdles and puddles and still managing to thrive. What is stopping you from traveling to Paris and spending a day with the Eifel tower, smelling the air of love the city harvests?

You can learn a lot from this young one’s life story and follow her footsteps and you might be fulfilling your dreams one day too.