In an unfolding political fight over the Covid-19 that leaves the global void for a leader, the United States and China have secretly stolen the annual World Health Assembly, the ruling body of the World Health Organization.

The conference in Geneva was initiated by Chinese President Xi Jinping with the declaration of an additional $ 2 billion for the contribution to the pandemic. A day later Donald trump wrote a message threatening to cut off all U.S. funds and contributions if WHO fails to take any significant steps to control the pandemic

Many people agreed with Donald Trump for calling out the World Health Organization for declaring the COVID as a pandemic and addressing its severity. COVID started in late 2019; however, WHO announced its severity after almost 100 countries had been affected and faced significant casualties.

Yet Beijing’s and Washington’s petty fights have overwhelmed a large consensus, around 144 countries jointly backed an impartial global pandemic survey proposal and no countries have opposed this resolution.

It is now the responsibility of the WHO Secretariat to begin the investigation as soon as possible.

It was initially the administration of the U.S to press for a pandemic investigation. The United States has irritated its partners by selling contested information about the source of the coronavirus and by disrupting multinational cooperation of the UN pandemic.

The EU lead delegate Josep Borrell addressed all the other WHO members on Monday to back away from “the conflict between the United States and China that are mutually accusing.”

The conflict between China and the U.S has been transgressing over the question if WHO even deserves the billion dollars’ worth of funding. They spark who is responsible for the global instability of coronaviruses and establish new borders in the long-term conflicts over the economic and political dominance of the world.

China’s global expansion, with daily trade risks and political concessions, has been no longer discreet or political. On Monday, while China was being praised for its contribution worth $2 billion to the WHO, it is still intimidating smaller nations that dare challenge them.