What used to be a mundane day in the US history has turned into an international embarrassment as Donald Trump tried one last time to stop Biden’s certification and retain the White House’s control. However, despite inciting violence Trump failed as Congress certified Biden’s win and he will be inaugurated on 20th January 2021.

But what happened in Washington D.C. on 6th January 2021 is being compared to the Burning of Washington by the British during the War of 1812. If the timely measures had not been taken, this protest would have caused havoc, which could have led to anarchy in the country.

Seemingly harmless participants of the Save America Rally suddenly transformed into rioters and destroyed everything that came in their way while marching towards the Capitol Building. The pictures and videos which were recorded on the ground showed the true faces of Trump’s followers.

A few notable faces were the ones who have been loud and clear about supporting Trump’s policies and defended President Trump’s allegations of rigged elections. A far-right group by the name of Proud Boys was spotted among the protesters inside the Capitol; their participants took selfies and posted on social media. Whereas QAnon group’s protesters and Tim Guinet with the alias of BakedAlaska streamed live on the different social hubs from the Capitol.

Many people inside were holding placards and flags strongly associated with the ideas and fractions, which have been supported by the Trump administration and have penetrated deep into the minds of the public.

This incident transpired because pro-Trump supporters were planning to enforce their beliefs on the majority by hook or crook. The protest was so humongous that help was called from the nearby state and the whole episode was even labeled as an attempted Coup d’état by Trump.

In the recent development, it has been reported that many protestors who are now being identified using pictures circulating on social media are losing their jobs. Not only the far-right groups were involved in the protest, but over time Trump with his baseless claims have managed to convince a lot of Republican voters/supporters who also attended the Save America Rally.