As Pfizer and Moderna are in the race of rolling out their first batch of vaccines, they still are waiting for the FDA approval. The federal government may not be the one pushing the people to get vaccinated, but businesses can do it.

Many people are concerned about the side effects of vaccines and therefore, are reluctant to get vaccinated. This behavior can only be changed if the organizations enforce this as a requirement to come back to work.

States can also play a part by making sure that people get vaccinated by addressing their fears. This will ensure that more people get vaccinated within a short period of time.

The federal government is not going to play a vital role other than giving Pfizer and Moderna’s vaccines EUA. The federal government cannot practically force the vaccine on the citizens against their will.

If a person refuses to get vaccinated, it is their right to practice their freedom and no one can force them. The federal government can only raise awareness so that maximum people can be convinced to get vaccinated.

A study shows that Americans are not willing to get vaccinated, listing their primary fear to be the potential unknown side effects. They also fear that they are going to catch coronavirus through these vaccines even though Pfizer has indicated otherwise.

Who Will Be Vaccinated First Some AmericansThe government cannot make the vaccine compulsory for their citizens, but they can encourage them to get vaccinated. The vaccination process in America has never been easy and this time it is going to be even more difficult.

If the FDA gives emergency use authorization (EUA) to Pfizer, then at least children will be mandated for vaccination. Pfizer is going to meet the FDA on the 10th of December and discuss emergency use authorization (EUA).

Other factors need to be accounted for to make sure that people are vaccinated. The government has to devise a plan to make sure that frontline medical workers are vaccinated first. Another way can be to encourage the states and employers to make vaccination a mandatory procedure.

As far as states are concerned, they can exercise their limited powers when it comes to the health and safety of the people. The federal government is not going to interfere in their health and safety problems unless it gets out of hand.