The Republican senators have teamed up together to devise a stimulus plan against the proposed $1.9 trillion packages planned by the Biden Administration. The plan is to improvise a budget of $618 billion to be distributed among people who are affected by the coronavirus. The question among the concerned authorities is who will get $1000 for coronavirus? The main target of the Republicans is low-income households. The Republicans plan to push forward $1000 checks to be circulated among these households.

Initially, the COVID-19 stimulus checks amounted to $1400 each, but according to the new plan suggested by the Republican senators, it will be $1000 each and will be provided to selected families with a low-income background.

President Joe Biden had initially proposed $1400 worth of stimulus checks in his $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief package.

Who will get $1000 for coronavirus?

As proposed by a group of Republican lawmakers, individuals who earn up to $40,000 per year will be eligible to attain full payments. Those who earn more than this threshold amount of $40,000 will get the payment in different phases at predetermined intervals.

For married couples, if they file for taxation together, they will get $80,000 in the first phase, while the remaining $20,000 will be given to them in the second phase.

Young children and dependent adults would be eligible for $500 each.

The convicted inmates are not eligible to receive any kind of COVID-19 relief package. The prisoners have already been receiving $600 checks each under the legislation devised by the previous government. No amendment has been made in that section.

President Joe Biden had proposed a plan of $1.9 trillion with $1400 checks for each person. The overall cost amounts to $465 billion for the direct payments, whereas the Republicans have proposed a total of $220 billion packages which will offer $1000 stimulus checks to each person.

The total package comprises enhanced unemployment insurance and nutrient benefits, vaccine funds, and child care – amounting to $618 billion in total.

The stimulus checks are popular among the general American public. A recent study shows that 78% of Americans are in favor of these stimulus checks to be distributed along with other attributes of President Biden’s $1.9 trillion relief package for the pandemic.

The bill is named the Coronavirus Assistance for American Families Act. Under this proposed bill, both adults and dependents will need their special security numbers for verification to be eligible to attain the $1000 checks. Adult dependents, even college students and people with disabilities, qualify under this act. Because of the pandemic, a major burden has fallen upon children and their parents. This legislation will help parents handle the financial constraints along with any unexpected expenses incurred.

The budget proposed by the Republicans

The Republicans have criticized President Biden’s bill of $1.9 trillion as too costly and over-targeted. The budget proposed by the GOP is far lesser than compared to the bill proposed by President Biden. It also doesn’t include key points which the Democrats made sure to make the cut like state funding and local funding. The proposal has cut the number of stimulus checks from $1400 to $1000, and also the pool of people who would be receiving them has shrunk.

This new stimulus proposal has full support from prominent Republicans, including Collins and Sen. Mitt Romney. One of the noteworthy points missing from the Republican proposal is the increase in the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour. The Republicans have completely ignored this key point and have not mentioned it in their proposed bill at all.

Another point missing from the stimulus package proposed by the Republicans is that no local or state funding is awarded. The states are in dire need to generate funds for services like K-12 public schools and state workers. Their salaries are pending and at risk. This situation cannot be overlooked at any cost.

The Republicans including Sens. Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Bill Cassidy, Mitt Romney, Rob Portman, Shelley Moore Capito, Todd Young, Jerry Moran, Mike Rounds, and Thom Tillis met with Joe Biden on Monday to discuss the said proposal. Cassidy concluded that the group has especially produced this bill to cooperate with the Democrats with a bipartisan approach for the much-desired economic stimulus bill.

The Biden Administration chose to stick with their initial plan of circulating $1.9 trillion in reference to the COVID-19 relief bill rejecting the proposal of the Republicans.