Social media is a crucial place that can make or destroy the image of a celebrity. Adam Driver came into the limelight when he used the N-word in his film back in 2018.

It was to the surprise of his fans that a year-old movie was dug out of nowhere and the trend ‘Adam Driver is over’ started trending on Twitter. The spike in the use of this trend was because the people who were in favor of Driver used the same hashtag.

People on social media come up with little research on the topic and suggest their ideas in the form of comments or tweets. This makes the life of a celebrity more difficult who is trying to keep up their normal life alongside showbiz.

Adam Driver is renowned for his acting skills in the Star Trek movie series. His acting skills are even appreciated by movie critics as he has been awarded on multiple occasions for his acting.

He made it to the social media trending hashtag after his movie dialogue which was written by someone else. But the entire debris came falling right on the actor himself who was just supposed to stick with the script.

Moreover, the people lashed out at this trend and pointed out the sudden move of joining the US Marines after the 9/11 attacks. He has cleared this up on several occasions that it was not out of hatred for Muslims but was because of patriotism.

The plot of the film ‘BlacKkKlansman’ clearly described his role as a person who had to use this word to stay in character. He was unsure that the use of the N-word in the film will face so much hatred.

He is a man of character and his action to join the army just for the sake of serving his nation speaks volumes. Social media is a cruel place when it comes to targeting someone with little knowledge.

Social media trials of celebrities are a common thing as this also lets the celebrity enjoy the limelight. Moreover, people can find solace by speaking for their causes.