Ever since Apple made Airpods that were not only limited to connecting with Apple products, but with smart products from other manufacturers as well, it has had quite a time with users. But sometimes you notice a little issue of uneven volume on the Airpods whether it be Airpod 2 or Airpod pro, which makes you not quite hear properly. If it brings you to the question of ‘why are my Airpods so quiet’, don’t worry there are some easy solutions to get out of that problem.

We will be answering some frequently asked questions regarding the volume issue on Airpods, why and how it arises, and how to sort it out.

What could be the cause of the volume issue?

There are two main categories where your issue with the volume on Airpods could be arising from; your device of listening or the Airpods. Both of these issues are somewhat technical but only one is possible to solve on your own. If you find an issue arising from your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or any other device you are listening from, it’s something you can address and fix.

Meanwhile, if the Airpods are defective there’s nothing you can do about it but report or complain back to the manufacturer through the Apple support page. It seems easy enough to differentiate but sometimes it’s not. You have to try all ways to sort the issue with the AirPods and the device they are connected to. If the problem does not solve, then you can go ahead and report the mishap with the Airpods. This you can do online first and then after you’ve communicated, you can take the Airpods to an Apple store nearby.

How to address it if volume only starts acting up in the music app?

There are also different types of volume problems. And another common question regarding the problem is what to do if the problem with volume fluctuation or lower volume only arises when using the music app. It is possible that you might only be having the issue when listening to music. This could mean a specific application issue with respect to your device, or on its own.

You can sort the issue out in settings on your device, as well as the settings on the music app you are using. If you are using Apple music, it might be even simpler to sort it out within settings. Make sure the soundcheck option in settings is off. And for other settings of volume, check the setting options within a specific music app, as different applications have different layouts and lists of options.

How to fix the volume issue?

After everything said above, you can try your hand at a few solutions that will either help you sort the issue out or figure out what the issue really is. Answers to questions like ’why are my Airpods so quiet’ can have more than just one solution. You can run all these steps to ensure there is no issue in the middle. These are also the steps that help you cancel out all other problems before determining whether the Airpods might be defective.

  • First and foremost, let’s get the volume keys out of the way. Try and raise the volume with your iPhone(or any device you are using). Airpods do not have their own volume adjustment keys, therefore you have to rely upon your primary device in use. Another cool feature in the latest Airpods is having the option to ask Siri to adjust the volume for you. Therefore, get that out of the way, right off the bat.
  • Sometimes, both the buds in the pair are set at different volumes through settings. You can easily fix this one however. Go to ‘settings, and then to ‘accessibility’. You will find a category for ‘hearing’ inaccessibility, that will have the ‘Audio or Visual’ option. It will have a slider or scale that should be in the middle to keep the volume balanced in both ears.
  • There is a volume limit feature in the iPhone, just as there is an option for limited screen time after which it keeps giving you warnings of excess time on screen. Even though mostly you are the one to set this limit, sometimes you often forget it later or are unaware that your volume automatically gets controlled at a cap by your device.  Check whether there is a volume limit on for hearing protection and remove or raise the maximum on it.
  • Low battery power mode is another similar and indirect way that affects your audio volume when listening to something. It protects the phone battery from getting drained on any not-so-necessary features such as listening to music at a high volume. Either charge the phone or remove the low power mode from your iPhone.
  • EQ settings tend to edit your music and its different notes, leading to the volume sounding much quieter than it is supposed to be. If you have Equalizer (EQ) on from the settings, make sure to turn it off if you don’t want it to hinder your overall listening experience.
  • Lastly, two things that are basic but can solve the problem potentially. Make sure the charging on your Airpods isn’t low, sometimes it skips our mind to think of the battery on portable, wireless devices. And secondly, try disconnecting and re-pairing the Airpods and it might solve and answer your question of ’why are my Airpods so quiet’.

If you are done trying all these above solutions and ways to solve the volume problem, it might be time to contact Apple, online or in their store. Make sure you let them know of all the solutions you tried before bringing back the Airpods for possible faults.