The Trump campaign is filing a slew of lawsuits in multiple states with voter fraud allegations.

The purpose of the lawsuits is to delay the process of certifying the vote results, which all show Biden leading by a huge margin. Most of the claims do not have substantial evidence and are minor complaints at best.

An analyst and election lawyer commented on the matter that they do not have any facts or legal theory backing up their claims.

The Electoral College has until December 14 to officially elect the president, an important deadline also being December 8. Trump campaign’s goal is to block the certification of the popular vote long enough to surpass the deadline.

If Trump succeeds in his plan, the Republicans will be allowed to appoint electors by their own will. However, many experts have said that this is highly unlikely. A GOP strategist from the Wall Street Journal also commented that for Trump to win, he would have to procure thousands of illegal votes.

rump Legal team is Filing Many LawsuitsIn Pennsylvania, top Republicans have declared that they will not dismiss the popular vote. The Trump campaign raised issues such as absentee ballots having no address outside envelopes, no privacy envelopes, and also other defects and mail-in ballots received after Election Day.

However, even if Trump manages to win all of these cases, only a few thousand ballots would be affected by these claims. Biden is leading in Pennsylvania by 50,000 votes and this amount would still not be enough for Trump to win the state.

In Michigan, Trump is demanding a recount of the absentee ballots. Trump’s allegations were also dismissed by a judge in Michigan’s Court of Claims after filing two lawsuits. The judge also claimed that the evidence he provided was hearsay. CNN reported that Biden is leading in the state by 150,000 votes.

In Arizona, the Trump campaign has claimed that the usage of Sharpie pens on votes caused defects and hindered the counting of the votes. Maricopa County has dismissed these claims and the lawsuit has now been dropped. Biden is leading by 12,000 votes in the state.

In Georgia, Biden is leading by 14,000 votes. No lawsuit is in process currently, however, a hand recount is taking place. According to research from FairVote, recounting only leads to an average change of a few hundred.