Donald J. Trump is perhaps the most controversial president in the history of the United States. However, Joe Biden has been declared the winner of the 2020 presidential election and we will examine in this article how Trump could have been a better option in some sectors of the country.

Trump has this unique ability to connect with people. He talks about their problems and speaks their language. He does not live in the ideal world where the US has to take responsibility for the entire world. He doesn’t want to fight other’s war and was more focused on the problems America is facing. He may have been ridiculed for dismissing the recommendations of health professionals to contain the pandemic, but he was also thinking about people who have lost their jobs and become reliant on federal aid. Trump perhaps was the only one who realized that unemployed people put a burden on the economy. Moreover, had the economy collapsed and not rebound as it did after the lockdown was lifted, then many more businesses would have gone bankrupt.

Although nobody can defend Trump’s viewpoint about wearing masks or maintaining social distance, he was thinking about the economy and eradicating fear. On the contrary, Joe Biden’s economic plans are more focused on increasing taxes at a scaled rate, which is not an ideal practice for citizens making above $60,000 annually, especially when the country is already facing the second wave of the novel coronavirus. Moreover, if Biden implements the recommendations of health professionals and the country goes into another lockdown, then the economy take even longer to recover.

Trump’s stance on foreign affairs was clear from the very first day he started his campaign back in 2016. He clearly mentioned that America will not be fighting the wars for other countries and will not be giving funds to countries, where the country has no strategic interest. During Trump’s tenure, the relations with China became strained – however, this move has given local businesses room to breathe and grow. Moreover, he managed to get a trade deal with China in which the interests of the American people were given priority.

It was during Trump’s tenure that the unemployment rate dropped to a historic low and new opportunities for businesses have emerged. He has offered relaxation in taxes to US-based businesses and increased taxes on imports – a move that clearly indicates that he was working to the best of his abilities to protect the US interests first.

Trump may not be running the country once Biden takes control, but dismissing him as an incompetent president in every facet would be wrong. There’s no denying that he has made several controversial comments about various matters for which there’s no defense, but had he managed to win the second term, he could have continued working on fulfilling some of the many unfulfilled promises he has made.